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Current Top 10 Best Event Centers In Lagos 2023

best event centers in lagos

best event centers in lagos

Top 10 best event centers in Lagos, Note one reason Lagos never rests is a result of the numerous social exercises that occur in Lagos consistently.

This implies that the interest in reasonable settings is exceptionally high. In any case, picking a scene isn’t simple on the grounds that numerous components must be thought about like area, parking spot, price, size, and so forth.

To assist with that cycle in Glass Suite, here’s a rundown of the top 10 best event centers in Lagos with their specs and costs so anybody hoping to design an occasion knows which one is best for their necessities. 

Rundown Of Top 10 Best Event Centers In Lagos

The Eko Convention Center 

The best event center in Lagos, the Eko event center is situated on Victoria Island. Eko Hotel and Suites is the biggest multipurpose occasion center in Lagos.

With a story space of 5,151 square meters, the multipurpose meeting place has both meal and display focuses that can be isolated into five separate segments. Up to 270 display stands can fit adequately into the office.

Best event centers in Lagos this event center is worked to standard with an ability to cook for supper and gathering occasions for up to 3,000 individuals and shows with a group of people of up to 6,000 individuals.

The middle accompanies worked in strong frameworks, proficient lighting, and a roll-away stage with covering to upgrade the audio cues. 

Notwithstanding these highlights is a Grand Ballroom that sits 350 people for supper just as 13 reason fabricated gathering rooms that accompany best-in-class visual and sound gear. The cost of leasing this corridor isn’t anything under N9,000,000. 

Landmark Event Center 

Second in the article; the best event centers in Lagos we have a Landmark event center With 40,000 square meters, this setting is situated in Victoria Island gloats with the ability to oblige 2000 individuals in theater-style seating and 1200 individuals in dinner-style seating.

Sweet increases to this setting incorporate a private beachfront and a 1000-vehicle limit parking spot. It costs about N5 million to lease. 

The Oriental Hotel 

The best event centers in Lagos, the Oriental Hotel which is arranged on the Lekki-Epe Express Way is one setting that talks about class. It offers the absolute most stunning occasion settings in Lagos.

The most pursued occasion lobby in Lagos has an auditorium sitting space of around 2,000 people and a dinner sitting in the Grand Ball Room can take up to 1,200 people.

The office offers a customized administration with first-class quality. Your financial plan ought to be nothing under N5, 000, 000 on the off chance that you want to have an occasion here. 

Radisson Blue Anchorage Hotel 

Radisson is on the list of best event centers in Lagos because is a little yet tasteful occasion place on Victoria Island situated on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue. Corporate occasions, gatherings, and grants are generally appropriate for this occasion place.

At the cost of N2, 000, 000, the occasion offers a dinner guest plan for 58 people, a gathering sitting of 110 people, a completely cooled space, a sufficient parking garage, and a grand business relaxation just as a reserve generator. The office likewise has an open-air patio that exhibits perspectives on the Lagos tidal pond. 

The Lekki Coliseum (TLC) 

The best event centers in Lagos, another one is Lekki Coliseum which is arranged in Lekki Phase (1) and is a diversion and occasion center point that houses three perfect and strange scenes.

The royal (occasions corridor), a best-in-the-class office with current electrical and electronic devices for both individual and corporate associations, the sky see (parlor and exceptional occasions),

TLC gives the best space to any occasion that requires something phenomenal, and La Vida Bella, a top-of-the-line dazzling parlor and bar. With about N4, 000, 000, you will have your occasion in The Imperial Hall while the sky sees goes for about N2, 500, 000. 

Dorchester Event Center 

This occasion is situated on Victoria Island in a marquee tent kind of lobby. Best event centers in Lagos, Dorchester are arranged on water corporation drive in Victoria Island, the office offers a space for 1,500 for feast sitting and 4,000 for theater sitting.

The Dorchester Event Center offers a wide parking spot just as a completely cooled lobby with a reserved quiet generator. With N2, 760, 000 you can book this lobby for your social or corporate occasion. 

Aquatic Hotels And Waterparks 

Amphibian is perhaps the most pursued occasion habitat in Lagos territory. Situated on Toyin Street in Ikeja, the occasion place has a 1,500-leader dinner guest plan and a 2,500 gathering sitting.

The office likewise has a private waterpark and one of the biggest pools for after-party occasions. Best event centers in Lagos, Aquatic is one event center N1, 500, 000 will get you this degree of eminence and status for your get-together. 

Victoria Crown Hotel 

The Best Event Center in Lagos next is Victoria Crown Hotel situated at Ajose Adeogun is perhaps the best inn on Victoria Island.

The event center has security as its signature feature. For N1, 400, 000, the occasion place offers a 400-man theater sitting style and 250 for feast game plan. 

The Civic Center 

This is perhaps the most pursued occasion fixated on Lagos Island. The article’s best event centers in Lagos second to last is the Lagos Civic Center, which is situated on Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria Island. It is the joy of numerous famous people who love to have their capacities at outlandish spots.

The Grand Banquet Hall of the office is ideal for enormous corporate or great social capacities. In the middle sits 600 people for dinner game plans and 1,000 for theater sitting.

The cost of leasing the occasion community can be pretty much as high as N2, 500, 000 at the end of the week and as low as N1, 800, 000 during the workdays. 

The Anchor Events Place 

Finally, among the best event centers in Lagos, we have Anchor Event Place is an occasion place in Ikeja. Situated adjacent to FIRS Agidingbi, Ikeja; the occasion community has been put to utilize each and every end of the week since it was constructed.

Completely cooled with a reserve generator notwithstanding a full off-the-road parking spot, Anchor Events Place has the ability to situate 1,500 people for a meeting and 1,000 for a meal guest plan. The expense of leasing this lobby is just N950,000.

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