Top Best Countries to Easily Migrate to From Nigeria 2023

Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria, numerous individuals have left Nigeria for greener pastures and better freedoms, while some are yet making arrangements to move.

Information has shown that Nigerians make up the biggest populace of transients from the African landmass to created nations.

In 2016 alone, around 20,000 individuals answered to have been engaged with the Mediterranean Sea crossing were Nigerians. 

Additionally, within 2 years numerous Nigerians were accounted to have been ousted from various nations like South Africa, Libya, and Italy.

For sure these excursions are hazardous, yet the displaced people one way or another accept that their examples of overcoming adversity are attached to their capacity to travel abroad. 

Most hopeful transients do have real purposes behind wishing to travel. Some are for business reasons; some are for scholastic purposes; some are looking for occupations, while some try to carry on with better lives from the issues and stress of home.

Independent of your justification for emigrating, you will discover this article as supportive. It will give you the rundown of the best and optimal nations to move to from Nigeria. 

Top 10 Best Countries to Easily Migrate to from Nigeria


The first in our rundown of the countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria is Canada. Canada’s true language incorporates English and French.

As of late, Canada positions high on the Nigerians’ radar as numerous Nigerian residents appear to have fallen head over heels for the country.

Canada is the second-biggest country. It is the second on the planet after Russia and is home to around 37 million individuals. 

Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria, if it might interest you Canada has made it simpler for talented foreigners like plumbers and carpenters, particularly to get access into their country.

As a Nigerian with significant abilities, scholastic capabilities, and occupation capabilities, there are distinctive ways you can access Canada.

You can go through the commonplace assignment framework or by means of the government express passage relocation framework. Another way is by protecting a Canadian occupation with a Canadian boss.

It would be simpler for you to get a lasting residency in the event that you acquired your secondary school and school endorsement in English Language and have a graduate degree. 

Canada additionally upholds movement with family assuming you need to live with your better half, kids, guardians, and kin. Acquiring Canadian citizenship requires around three years.

Canada positions most elevated in these rundown countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria to move to as it offers excellent instruction and great living.

It additionally furnishes its residents with fundamental medical care administrations. 

The United Arab Emirates 

Next, we have in the article, Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria is Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for extravagance shopping, ultramodern engineering, and a vivacious nightlife scene.

Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall pinnacle, rules the high-rise-filled horizon at its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with planes and lights arranged to music.

Indeed the reality is, it’s exceptionally simple to move to Dubai from Nigeria in months and it’s modest to live on the grounds that things are entirely reasonable and great job openings both for individuals with handiwork are additionally accessible. 


Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria is Switzerland official dialects spoken in Switzerland incorporate French, German, Romansh, and Italian.

With regard to delightful nations in Europe, Switzerland is one of them. The country’s personal satisfaction is acceptable, and it likewise has a low pace of joblessness. About 8.5 million individuals are living in Switzerland.

As the nation has four authority dialects, you are required to be familiar with somewhere around one language. You will not contrast the economy in Switzerland with that of Nigeria as it is way better compared to Nigeria’s.

In any case, you should realize it requires as long as 10 years to acquire citizenship in Switzerland. In case you are a Nigerian, you should add Switzerland to your rundown of potential nations to relocate to. 


The next in the article country to easily migrate to from Nigeria is Germany the country is a top European nation and a fantasy country for most transients who need to move to Europe.

Notwithstanding, one can’t actually say it is not difficult to get a visa to Europe, particularly Germany. 


Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria we present you Slovakia, this is a country on the European mainland that offers borders with Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Austria. Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria, Slovakia uses Euros as their nearby cash.

It is known to have uneven regions with a little populace of around 5 million individuals. Its capital city is called Bratislava and has numerous compositional and exhibition hall focuses to investigate.

Slovakia is a decent spot to maintain a wine and lager business as they have these in bounty you should look at this area in case you are searching for a less expensive country to move to in European nations. 


Australia is among the countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria. Australia is currently on lockdown due to covid-19, but the country has been referred to as probably the best country one can move to as a Nigerian.

Notwithstanding the distance, the nation offers a quality life to all, regardless of race or strict foundation. Australia is home to around 24 million individuals and is known to have somewhat cruel climate conditions.

This has set the country in a difficult spot as it needs certain viewpoints like talented work. 

This is the reason the nation, actually like Canada, is consistently looking for gifted work from various pieces of the world to top off empty spaces in working environments.

Albeit of late, they have straightened out their boundaries, particularly with the excessive cost in preparing their visa, they actually record a high flood of workers from various pieces of the world (Nigeria included).

Australia is available to you insofar as what you try to do is lawful and will help the nation’s development. You have unlimited freedoms open to you there as a migrant. 


Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria is it accurate to say that you are looking for European nations where you can rapidly get your visa from Nigeria? You should attempt Hungary.

Hungary isn’t only “some European nation” but one of the spots to be in Europe. It is perhaps the best country that Nigerians can undoubtedly relocate to. 

You more likely than not knew about Budapest, one of its most mainstream urban areas. It is additionally a moderate spot to live in.

You should look at different urban communities like Debrecen. They probably won’t be pretty much as fascinating as Budapest, yet they surely offer less expensive taking care and convenience. 


Next in the article; countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria is Poland. Poland is an incredible nation as it offers astounding freedoms for endurance.

The nation offers incredible financial advantages close different advantages. The nation has a rich culture and energizes variety among occupants. 

There are invigorating outside exercises for you here, and in the event that you love climbing, Poland is a great spot for that. Countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria, Poland is recorded here in light of the fact that it is a spending plan cordial.

Their neighborhood cash is known as the Polish Zloty and is as of now at the changing pace of 0.25 per U.S dollar. Your day-by-day financial plan would be around 25-35 dollars, as it would cost you around 5-10 dollars for your suppers each day. 

Note; there are other simple nations to move to from Nigeria, notwithstanding, these are top on our rundown here in Glass Suite.

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