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Official Languages Spoken In Nigeria

languages spoken in nigeria

languages spoken in nigeria

Languages spoken in Nigeria, you know English is the official language in many countries including Nigeria however, every tribe in Nigeria has its different general languages apart from English.

These languages help them communicate easily and express themselves better to one another, English is considered an alternative language in Nigeria as every tribe has what everyone speaks and understands apart from English.

Languages spoken in Nigeria are more than 500 and the country is perceived as one of the most linguistically-inclined countries, with captivating sounds of each language cutting across the mainstream of a different kind of understanding even in the educational sector.

Getting a job in Nigeria is easier if you speak the same language as the employer, you know there is this natural connection that comes with individuals that speaks the same ethnic language.

Mostly, language is a barrier factor in the country because if you are in a position where you have two people speaking the same language which you don’t understand you will be totally lost and can’t communicate.

However, there are three official languages spoken in Nigeria which are known as Wazobia, the first two letters ”Wa” came from the Yoruba, ”Zo” from the Hausa, and ”Bia” from the Igbos.

These major languages in Nigeria inside these same states there are sub-languages for different local governments interesting right?

That is to say, even though there are three official languages spoken in Nigeria there are also more, for example in Rivers State Nigeria they have 23 local government areas and each has a different language.

Nevertheless, we won’t keep you here for a long time as Puppyxviral will continue to educate you on the languages spoken in Nigeria in the next phase of this post.

The Official Languages Spoken In Nigeria

The Igbo Language

The Igbo’s in Nigeria occupies the Eastern part of the country with their vast knowledge in business they can sell anything trust me.

In the east, they have Anambara, Abia, Imo, Enugu, and Ebonyi State which are five states in that region making them one ethnic group.

Some parts of the south are also populated by the Igbo there is a proverb that says anywhere you go and you don’t find an Igbo man know that such a place does not exist.

The Igbo’s contribute to 18% of Nigeria’s population and they take their language seriously, with their rich and captivating culture.

However, just like we said earlier there is more than one Igbo language, I think they have about fifteen different types of Igbo language plus one general Igbo for easy communication among themselves.

The Hausa Language

The northern part of Nigeria is inhabited by the Chadic-speaking ethnic group known as the Hausa and Fulani they are good at farming.

The north has more states than every other ethnic group, the Hausa people do not play with their religion it is also attached to their culture.

They have produced many presidents including the recent outgoing president of Nigeria, the northerners have the highest landscape in Nigeria.

Farming is their specialty and they produce most of the fruits consumed in the country, most parts of the north are dessert it hardly rains.

Speaking of which, they share borders with Cameroon, Sudan, Niger, and others however, the northern has one religion in common which is Islam.

They are the worshipers of Allah every family in the north 99% are Muslim, the men marry as many wives as possible, and trust me poverty rate is high and they contribute to 30% of Nigeria’s population.

Farming for them includes the rearing of cattle, groundnut, watermelon, carrot, and more, they like to travel but must return home for their sala celebration because that is Christmas for them.

The Yoruba Language

They take pride in their language even to the point if they base in an international country they will make sure their children understand and speak the Yoruba language.

Languages spoken in Nigeria, the Yoruba language is one of the interesting ones as they occupy the western region of Nigeria.

However, to crown it all Lagos Nigeria which is the commercial city of the country is owned by the Yoruba, that is to say, the general most used language there is Yoruba.

Their language is creative they construct it with a blend of English most times, well it is expected that hence you live in the waste you should understand the language.


Nigeria is blessed with many languages in the south-south you will see different intonations, ranging from Efik, Isoko, Orbo, Ekwere, Ogoni, and many more.

The Niger Delta has many different languages and other parts of the country as well, the above-mentioned Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba are just the three main demarcations of the country there are more languages than you can ever imagine.

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