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Who Has Drake Dated; Girlfriends List, Dating History 2023 Update

who has drake dated

who has drake dated

This article; who has Drake Dated is a rundown of the history of his dating cruise to date. Drake is a Canadian rapper-vocalist, entertainer, musician, and record maker, who has been recognized as extraordinary compared to other selling rap craftsmen, time with 170 million collections sold.

He began as an adolescent entertainer in the Canadian TV series “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” assuming the part of Jimmy Brooks from 2001 to 2008. 

His progress to turning into a rapper went poorly with his originally delivered mixtape, yet the second one out of 2007 named “Rebound Season,” prompted a greeting for him to join Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” visit. The rappers made music coordinated efforts and also grammy hits, yet Drake hadn’t yet endorsed any record name until the arrival of his third mixtape, “So Far Gone.” It turned into an immense hit as it appeared at No.6 on the Billboard 200 outline. 

After its prosperity, Drake turned into the focal point of one of the greatest offering battles in hip-bounce history. Names offered different bundles, and he wound up with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, apparently in light of the fact that he was given a settlement ahead of time of $2 million. 

He has since delivered various No.1 hits onto the Billboard Hot 100, including “One Dance,” “God’s Plan,” “In My Feelings,” and “Chuckle Now Cry Later.” He was proclaimed the most noteworthy confirmed advanced singles craftsman in the US by the Recording Industry Association of America. 

Who has Drake dated? Aubrey Drake Graham aka Champagnepapi was brought into the world on 24 October 1986, to guardians Dennis Graham, an African-American artist, and Sandra Sher Graham, a Canadian English instructor; he appreciates double citizenship in Canada and the US.

He was brought up in a Jewish family, yet at the age of five, his folks separated and his dad returned 

to Memphis, while he remained with his mom in Toronto. Dennis would some of the time visit his child in Canada, and take the youthful Drake to Memphis.

Nonetheless, when Dennis went to jail on drug-related charges, Drake didn’t see his dad again until he turned into a grown-up. His dad later said in a meeting that Drake’s tales about a truant dad were unadulterated adornment, just to sell records. 

Who has Drake Dated? Girlfriends List, Dating History

Drake’s bright dating history 

Who has Drake dated the Toronto Raptor’s b-ball group’s worldwide diplomat’s very own connections are just about as renowned as the verses of his Billboard No.1 tunes. He’s generally been engaged with entertainers, supermodels, pop whizzes, and pornography stars.

A portion of these connections was affirmed with receipts, and some stay plain tales however acquired a lot of public interest. Here’s a rundown of some that we are aware of… 

Rihanna – Ultimate Fantasy” (supposedly here and there from 2009 to 2017) 

First, in this article who has Drake dated consistently, Drake had a confounded relationship with Rihanna, so justifiably individuals were mistaken for their assertions and activities towards one another.

It was never a flat-out yes that they turned into an authority couple, but sources would affirm that they saw them making out on a few events. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty a Barbadian artist, entertainer, and design business visionary turned into a worldwide pop hotshot with 14 Billboard Number one tunes, including “Umbrella,” “Soak up the adulation,” “Jewels,” and “Work.” 

She sold 250 million collections all throughout the planet and turned into the lone craftsman who had the main tune from seven back-to-back collections that crested at the Billboard Hot 100 diagram.

Rihanna acquired compassion and reputation when she was uncovered to have been a survivor of abusive behavior at home from that point beau R&B vocalist, Chris Brown, subsequent to going to the Grammy Awards in 2009.

She later turned into an effective business visionary in the design business, when she dispatched her Fenty style brand, which was disseminated by the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) extravagance design house. 

Who has Drake dated? Drake was first openly seen dating Rihanna back in 2009 after she was accounted to have been attacked by Chris Brown.

They were seen getting cuddly and making out the entire night at Lucky Strike, a renowned bistro and bowling alley in New York City.

Be that as it may, Rihanna denied any heartfelt contribution to Drake during a meeting in those days. Drake said, ‘I was a pawn,’ and expounded in a meeting in 2010 that she did to him how he frequently managed different ladies,

which was to show them quality time and afterward ghosted them. While he felt horrendous around then, their melodic coordinated efforts didn’t stop. 

In 2010 they delivered the single “What’s My Name,” which crested at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 outline. Fans were tickled by their being a tease in the music video, and they put on hot live exhibitions at the

Grammy Awards and NBA All-Star Game halftime show, which energized the bits of gossip, yet nothing official truly emerged from it. In 2011, they delivered the tune, “Be Careful,” with sources demanding that they were a couple.

A TMZ report in 2012 came out that Drake and Chris Brown battled about Rihanna in an NYC club, however, they all denied it. Individuals associated that supposed fight with Rihanna’s response when Drake won an honor during the 2012 MTV grants; she was noticed murmuring to a companion as opposed to applauding and focusing on him as he accepted his honor. 

Theories proceeded throughout the long term, as Drake would frequently be gotten some information about his relationship with Rihanna, and he would say that they had their minutes.

He expressed pleasant things about her and alluded to her as his definitive dream, however, they were simply companions. In 2015, they were seen together hanging out in London yet Rihanna kept on denying any heartfelt snare with Drake, in any event, saying that her last elite relationship was with Chris Brown. 

In 2016, the two specialists delivered another track, named “Work,” which turned into the top melody for nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Their hot music video kept the dating bits of hearsay alive, as fans accepted that the verses of the tune were about her.

At the point when she was given the MTV Vanguard Award that year, Drake introduced it, giving her commendations and at last pronouncing his affection for her dramatic.

He likewise gave her a birthday yell-out through a bulletin promotion, which she felt was excessive; clearly, she felt awkward hearing Drake’s commendations.

In 2017, it appeared to be that whatever had been there had burnt out, as they were spotted going to a youngsters’ birthday celebration yet weren’t friendly, having shown up independently. The individuals who were there reviewed that the circumstance was off-kilter and that Drake appeared to be surprised by her quality. 

During a meeting in 2018, Rihanna was approached to depict their relationship and said, ‘We don’t have a fellowship currently, however, we’re not adversaries all things considered. What will be will be,

the Vogue correspondent said that she jumped when she heard Drake’s name. After that meeting, individuals construed that their relationship was a greater amount of him being into her, yet not the other way around. 

Kate Dennings – Sushi Date Sometime between 2006 to 2012 

It was one of the most punctually realized dating bits of gossip in the rapper’s set of experiences that exploded via web-based media.

Who has Drake dated, Drake met Kate Dennings when she was as yet 19, while she was shooting an independent film in Toronto around 2006 to 2007.

He posted something pleasant about her on his Twitter account, and the following thing she knew, she had around 50,000 additional supporters on the online media application.

She was wonderfully amazed about it until she understood that her new adherents were Drake’s fixated fans who were frantic at her, and blamed her for frantically ‘attempting to be tempted’ by the Canadian rapper.

Who has Drake dated, during a meeting with Elle Magazine in 2012, Who has Drake dated, Drake said that he really liked her, yet she was dating another person around then? 

They went out for one sushi date and she discovered Drake to be very sweet and cool, alluding to it as more like a home base’, and reviewing that the entire time they were out, they were being trailed by his security faculty. 

Tyra Banks – “Once Date” (2012) 

In the event that there was one date in Drake’s past that he conceded to not being certain if it would be considered as a date, it would be with the supermodel, who has Drake dated? Tyra Banks.

While most fans would recall that she was included in his 12-minute music video for his track, “A drop in the bucket,” it wasn’t the first occasion when they were together. Back in 2012, the couple went out on the town in Disneyland.

Because of their ubiquity, they consented to have a good time around the amusement park by wearing a mask, however, some extremely observant fans actually remembered them. 

His admission about their date in “The Ellen Degeneres Show” didn’t agree with Tyra, as she said she was surprised and her telephone just went off the deep end with individuals needing to get some information about it.

At the point when she showed up in “The Steve Harvey Show,” she did free-form rapping to impart her insight on it – ‘You ain’t my man at this moment.

However, you gotta not kiss and tell.’ While she liked to simply keep whatever occurred between the two a mystery to stay away from media examination, she wasn’t actually that distraught at him. They are still very near to this day. 

Jennifer Lopez – “Unverified Whirlwind Relationship” (2016) 

Who has Drake dated? Most fans were stunned in 2016 when bits of gossip about Drake dating Jennifer Lopez surfaced.

A few groups couldn’t trust it around then, because of the 17-year age hole, yet love knows no age particularly if the lady looked inconceivably more youthful than her genuine age. 

A photograph of a shocked Drake circulated around the web and turned into an image when Jennifer made a show-halting passage during the Grammy Awards in 2013, and his face

was gotten on cam; the “Hotline Bling” vocalist was clearly stricken when he saw the staggering brunette. Quick forward to 2016, individuals were charmingly astonished as he came around at one of Jennifer’s live shows in Las Vegas.

Who has Drake dated? A photograph was posted on Instagram with Drake holding her precious stone-encrusted baseball cap, which was trailed by their first selfie together, and the online media world just exploded. Everybody accepted that there was another forced couple around. 

Who has Drake dated? we have Jennifer Lynn Lopez, broadly known as J. Lo, is an American vocalist, artist, entertainer, and maker, who began as an individual form of an ensemble,

a backup artist, and an entertainer with minor jobs in forgettable motion pictures, until she was projected in her advancement part as the killed artist in the biopic named “Selena” in 1997. 

She changed into an artist with her introduction collection “On the 6,” which crested at No.8 on the Billboard 200, and her presentation melody, “On the off chance that You Had My Love,” which bested the Billboard Hot 100.

From that point forward, she’s delivered eight studio collections, and had number-one hit singles including “I’m Real,” “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix),” and “All I Have.” She’s likewise featured in film industry hit motion pictures, including “The Wedding Planner,” “Will We Dance,” “Beast in-Law,” and “Tricksters.” 

Sources guaranteed they were teaming up on some new music together, and that Drake had effectively met her two children, and been a normal visitor in her home.

A few photographs of them together going to public occasions and gatherings surfaced on the web. Extremely observant fans saw that she wore a precious stone accessory that he’d likewise worn on a different occasion. 

In any case, following a couple of long stretches of dating, it was accounted for that the two cut off the friendship agreeably.

Drake referred to her in one of his tunes, ‘2010 was the point at which I lost my radiance. 2017, I lost a J.Lo.’ In March 2017, she partook in a meeting with Trevor Noah in the “Day by day Show,” ‘I’m not with Drake. Perhaps that is all I need to say.

They made a deal to avoid discussing their previous relationship. In March 2021, fans said that J.Lo gave him an inconspicuous holler, by posting on her Instagram Stories, one of her “personal” times in a poolside paying attention to Drake’s 2020 hit tune, “Pop Star,” during her get-away in the Dominican Republic. 

Sophie Brussaux – “His Baby Mama” (2017) 

Who has Drake dated? In January 2017, Drake was spotted out feasting with Sophie Brussaux and a few companions in a Japanese eatery in Amsterdam. After 90 days, Sophie was telling everybody she was pregnant, and the dad of her child was Drake.

His group immediately denied the cases after they talked with the “What’s Next” artist. Clearly, Drake was stunned about it since they were never in an elite relationship, indeed Sophie conceded to him in those days that she was associated with different connections. 

His group said that she’s only one of those ladies professing to be impregnated by the rapper, yet on the off chance that it was demonstrated that he’s the dad, they said that Drake would not keep away from his duty, yet another rapper with whom Sophie had a relationship in the past even recognized in open that he was the child’s dad.

There were reports of Sophie asserting that Drake urged her to end the pregnancy through a content discussion, yet it wasn’t affirmed. He took a paternity test after the child was conceived, and the outcome returned positive his kid was named Adonis. 

Who has Drake dated? his child’s mom is a French model and craftsman, who passes by the stage name Rosee Divine. There were bits of gossip that she was a porno entertainer, however, others asserted that she was only a model who was highlighted in a few hot music recordings.

At the point when she left the displaying business, she chose to turn into a craftsman/painter and returned to utilizing her genuine name, however, abbreviated it to Sophie B.

Subsequent to conceiving an offspring, she got another line of work in Toronto, and individuals accepted that she had the option to get it with Drake’s assistance so he would have a cozy relationship with his child. 

She utilized her composition abilities in making representations utilizing pop craftsmanship, oddity, and imagery. One of her manifestations was that of Pope Francis, and she even got the opportunity to introduce her canvas to His Holiness in November 2019, during a cause show for poor people. 

Drake didn’t need his child to have a truant dad, which he had encountered growing up, so he had a comprehension with Sophie to guarantee that Adonis grew up cherished by the two guardians.

He said in a meeting that while he truly needed to disclose to his child what truly occurred between his folks, he didn’t need Adonis to discover any motivation not to adore his mom. He further said, ‘We are both similarly dependable and presently,

similar to, I’m super eager to be an extraordinary dad. I have a child, he’s a wonderful kid.’ Initially, he would not like to share photographs of his child with people in general as he needed to get him far from online pessimism,

however then, at that point altered his perspective when Adonis turned into a baby. He currently transfers photographs of him on his Instagram account and now and again with Sophie as well, regardless of whether they aren’t all together. 

Bella Harris – Denied (2018) 

Who has Drake dated in 2018, Drake was supposed to have dated Bella Harris. Who has Drake dated, the model around then was 19 years of age and had quite recently joined with Elite New York City demonstrating office.

Sources said that she was an immense fanatic of the rapper, and had some way or another drawn near to him as she’s the girl of lyricist and record maker Jimmy Jam. Reports proliferate that one of NYC’s top cafés was shut by Drake so they could eat away from according to general society, which Drake’s group denied. 

Imaan Hammam (2020) 

Who has Drake dated before 2020, Drake had been supposed to have dated Imaan Hammam, however nothing truly happened to it, and all that people in general knew was that he continued ‘enjoying’ her posts.

She is a Dutch model with Egyptian and Moroccan roots, who showed up on the front of the American and global versions of Vogue magazine. Quick forward to February 2020, they were spotted leaving Imaam’s New York condo.

Around then, Drake was visiting the area welcomed by Nike for the New York Fashion Week. It was said that before they went to her condo, they were seen kissing at NYC’s roof relax called The Fleur Room.

The sentiment appeared to be brief, as sources said that they headed out in a different direction following a month of dating, and there were likewise reports that Drake impeded her on Instagram, yet nobody knew the motivation behind why.

Finally, on who has Drake dated, this is a very long rundown list of Drake’s girlfriends list and dating history, the ones we have seen but I guess there is more also it keeps going. However, if there is any update we shall definitely update but please drop a comment and we at Glass Suite will reply to you.

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