Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Egypt

Places to Visit in Egypt, are you looking for a beautiful place to visit for vacation? however, Glass Suite will advise you to go see Egypt as one cool place to travel to with your loved ones and friends.

There are some ancient stories you must have heard in the past and if you want to really see for yourself then you should travel to Egypt. This article Places to Visit in Egypt is a list of Glass Suite’s top best places in Egypt, you should check them out.

Places To Visit In Egypt

Abu Simbel

Places to visit in Egypt, The Egyptian Government built the Aswan Dam to checkmate the devastating floods of the Nile, and the problem of the number of missing temples arose.

An international movement was born in the 1960s, the main purpose of which was to save Abu Simbel and his royal colossi.

It took Pharaonic work to cut the 2 temples into blocks of several tons and reinstall them 100 m higher. Places to visit in Egypt the site of Abu Simbel is obviously one place you want to visit in Egypt.

It is much easier since an airport has been built next door, people can easily access the site from the airport.


A city created by Alexander in 300 BC and was later enlarged by Ptolemy as the most European of Egyptian cities.

Places to visit in Egypt though the city lost the lighthouse which was its emblem, and whose scale and sophistication earned it to be among the 7 wonders of the world, the city still remains.

Places to visit in Egypt this area was later seen as the most popular sport in the 19th century, it has seen very elegant buildings flourish, which can be admired during the unmissable Corniche promenade, which goes from Pointe Silsila to Fort Qaïtbay.

Al Qoseir

If you are looking for a very quiet place to visit places in Egypt, far from everyone else, you should stop at Qoseir, on the edge of the Red Sea. It was an important sport when the Suez Canal was not yet pierced.

It has retained its charm, with its pretty Ottoman houses by the sea. You can also visit the old fortress and an 18th-century mosque. Where you can get close contact with the villagers, without them reaching out to you for help.

Aswan And Its Islands

The rocky angle of the Nile from cataracts, which are six in number. Places to visit in Egypt one is located at Aswan, at the gates of Nubia with a very beautiful landscape.

Places to visit in Egypt are the blue waters of the Nile wind between the green islands that face the city. These are Kitchener and its botanical garden, Elephantine, and the temple of the god Khnum, and Séhel, and its steles.

Cruise on the Nile

The Nile Cruise vacation with exciting discoveries of the main sites on the Nile. Places to visit in Egypt cruises on the Nile are an avenue to admire and visit the most beautiful places in Egypt.

You can leave from Cairo or more probably from Luxor, to discover Karnak, the Valleys of Kings and Queens, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and sleep on board a comfortable cabin.

White Desert

The majority of the places to visit in Egypt are along the Nile or the Red Sea, which notwithstanding the desert has something unique for you. Places to visit in Egypt the most fascinating is probably the white desert.

To behold these glittering white limestone concretions appearing in the middle of a sea of ocher-colored sand is an unforgettable scene. get ready to make a great portrait of that beauty.


Places to visit in Egypt Karnak is a large religious complex and it is more than a temple, this structure has existed for over 2,000 years.

The city contained all the buildings necessary for the life of the servants of the supreme divinity. The buildings have been destroyed and new ones have been erected.

At the entrance, the first pylon already imposes with its 113 m of the façade. Plan to visit at least 2.5 hours to admire the temples, colonnades, obelisks, and shrines, each more imposing than the other.


You cannot come to Egypt without stopping to visit its capital, Cairo. Places to visit in Egypt Make sure to find yourself at the Cairo Tower, in order to have a panoramic view of the city.

Walk in the maze of the Souk Khan al-Khalili and spend a good part of the day at the fantastic Cairo Museum, where you will be able to perfect your knowledge of the ancient world.

It is from Cairo that you will be able to discover the Pyramids of the Giza plateau.


Places to visit in Egypt the Sphinx Alley makes you sleepy and you feel the immense columns of the court of Ramses II and the monumental statues of the famous sovereign.

The completed site laid out by its predecessor Aménophis III, whose courtyard, the temple, and the chambers for births and offerings, as well as the Chapel for Signs, are also visited.

Hurghada And The Red Sea

If you also want to enjoy superb diving spots, then Hurghada is the place to go. The fishing port was converted into a tourist center.

Places to visit in Egypt this city has a long sandy beach and offers a sublime landscape of islands surrounded by perfectly transparent water.

The coral reefs, which are the subject of protection, are all opportunities to practice diving.

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