About Us

GlassSuite is very much an information-based platform that covers everything you need to know about Nigeria, travel, education, business, oil & gas, people, culture, and events all across the world which would reverberate across the centuries. As well as the information’s you already knew but in a more interesting and insightful approach.

Even though much of the content on the platform emphasizes more about Nigeria, it is not limited to Nigerians only.

Information is the key of our generation, GlassSuite we’re dedicated to attracting an audience that is truly interested in information and having a good time.

Whatever it is, as long as it is fascinating, it will be suitable for publication, as that is what we are all about.

Our doors are open and we welcome your feedback, observations on our content, ideas, or contributions in any form. If you have any or inquiries, please contact us.