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How To Check Election Results In Nigeria

The just concluded general elections results are now available to check basically the Presidential and House Of Representatives among many others.

However, how to check the election results in Nigeria is the main priority of the average Nigerian, as the masses believe there is a glitch in the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS).

The Nigerian people have exercised their fundamental rights to their beloved country, by coming out in max to vote for their preferred candidate.

It is the right step for every citizen of any country under a democracy to elect whom they wish to become the next President, House Of Representatives, Governor, Local Government Chairman as well as Council Man.

Moreover, reveals have been the case of the current elections in Nigeria, where you have the citizens clamoring/voting in unity for their preferred choice but the ruling political party says otherwise.

During election day the citizens of Nigeria came out for a particular candidate and you know when the masses are standing for a particular course it must/should be attended to with urgency.

However, after casting their votes diligently even as there was chaos in most of the polling units where innocent voters sustained injuries the effort of Nigerians was rubbed into the mud by the Independent National Commission (INEC).

This commission in every country is usually independent of any administration current/previous, however, in the case of Nigeria they answer to the political party in power.

How to check election results in Nigeria, we discovered so many irregularities during the process of the election, where you have hoodlums and the Nigerian police snatching ballot boxes, disposing of citizens’ votes, violence, and buying of votes by the ruling political party.

Meanwhile, the International Observers did emphasize the incompetence of the Independent National Commission (INEC) over the alleged inability to conduct a free, fair, and credible election.

The International Observers went ahead to state their concern over the irregularities and lack of competency as the Independent National Commission fails the citizens of Nigeria.

However, without taking much dive into the outcome of the elections, Glass Suite will guide you on how to check election results in Nigeria as you continue reading.

Tips On How To Check Election Results In Nigeria

The Independent National Commission has moved from the manual conducting of elections to a digital system known as Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS).

Which is supposed to meet the need for transparency and deliver an effective result, however, at the beginning of the election the BIVAS system started with a glitch.

How to check election results, Nigeria has been practicing the manual system of conducting elections which always fails the citizens but the new system was supposed to transmit the whole process in the portal.

But as we may have it the new ways also failed and they resulted in manual counting of results again, and most of the results were not uploaded in the portal.

Step One; Nevertheless, how to check election results in Nigeria you should visit the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Some individuals are complaining about the portal asking them to register with an email, well that is not correct except you are checking on the wrong platform or you are doing something else in the portal.

Step Two; Inside the Independent National Electoral Commission website on the home page you will see quick links which include Election Results, Confirm Your PU, Directions To Your PU, PVC Statistics, and Main INEC Website.

The options are at your disposal now for any of the election results going or just concluded you should click on the ”Election Results”, but if you have other issues apart from that you can as well explore other options on the home page.

Step Three; How to check election results in Nigeria, when you click on the election results it will automatically take you to the IReV page where you can select any election result you wish to check.

After which on the IReV page it will pop up another slide to confirm if the selection is what you want to check then click on the letters written in blue.

Step Four; Whichever category you choose at this point will display all the thirty-six states in Nigeria, now you may then pick any state of your choice.

However, after picking a state you will also choose a preferred local government area, next you choose your preferred ward and finally, you pick the polling unit and you will see the hard copy of the result.

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