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How To Make Money On TikTok In Nigeria

There are lots of fund-generating apps at the moment, but we are taking a dive into how to make money on TikTok in Nigeria presently. However, the app TikTok is making a lot of revenue and every influencer right now is making some form of income on the app.

TikTok currently has over 1.53 billion users once you become popular in that app you have something going on. However, with all the followers there is a high possibility you will not smoke money off your TikTok page.

Without the right information, you will be behind, so you need all the guidelines you can get to start making money on TikTok in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, it is no rumor that Tiktok does not pay influencers/content creators in Nigeria, so if you thinking once you reach the peak you start getting paid the answer is no.

So, for you to start making money on TikTok you have to improvise routes for that which means you must be extremely creative on the app.

How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria, read to the end of the post you will find the answers you desire here on Glass Suite.

How To Make Money On TikTok

Join The TikTok Creators Fund

Tiktok in this space appreciates creators for their impact on the app, of course, if you are really popular and accumulate such magnitude of views. However, we have the list of TikTok eligibility for the creators’ funds outlined below:

  • You have to be legally resident in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, and the US
  • Must be up to 18 years old
  • Comply with the TikTok community guidelines and terms of service
  • Have at least 10,000 real followers
  • 100,000 authentic video views in 30 days
  • It would help if you had a valid payment channel supported by TikTok
  • If the creator is an entity, they need to provide any requested documentation upon application (i.e. tax reporting documents)

TikTok Ads

How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria, ads on TikTok, branded hashtags, brand effects/mashups, and video ads.

These elements can put you in positions of generating good income on TikTok, likewise charging individuals such as musicians, and brands for promotion on your TikTok page.

Develop And Sell TikTok Accounts

You must have understood the previous? However, this development and sale are what must individuals do to make money on TikTok every single day.

Because they have come to understand the mystery behind the growth of accounts on TikTok. That is why they, however, find it easy to grow and make money from these process, which is the basics you have to learn.

Nevertheless, information without understanding means you don’t know, but for this sake, you should ask questions to understand your way around it.

Sponsored Post

How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria, making videos and updating your page won’t fetch you some money. Else you have to start making sponsored posts for individuals who are willing to pay, indulging with brands, and promoting their products with your videos.

Virtual Gifts

Now, this medium is how your favorite TikTok influencers get money from TikTok in Nigeria, when you get to a thousand followers you can start going live.

However, when you go live and you have something phenomenon you do while on live video, trust me, and believe me some of your followers will start sending you coins.

Now, these coins are called gifts on TikTok and when you accumulate these gifts you will be paid the converted rate to your preferred financial institution.

However, for many TikTok influencers this is what they do as a full-time job, wake up in the morning go live talk about kinds of stuff, and help people grow their account through their live video (Grow Host).

You can also, be on live video while cooking, working doing anything interesting and the audience might be intrigued and there you go they start sending you gifts.

You go again next time this way it has become your concept from there you now make money on TikTok in Nigeria daily.

Sell Products On TikkTok

Becoming an influencer there are many benefits attached, you have the liberty to convince your followers to patronize any product you bring to the table.

That is you can market any product on your page tell your audience the advantages and boom you start receiving orders.

Mind you, it could be any item provided the quality you advertise to your followers is the same when they receive their orders.

Because this phase of making money on TikTok/all social media has been bastardized, in the sense that you order a particular product you saw with good quality and then you receive a low-quality product on delivery.

Nevertheless, this could ruin your influencer career on TikTok/all other social media platforms, make sure what you share with your followers is authentic as it is on the video you put out.

Account Manager On TikTok

How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria, you might want to try something like managing folks’ accounts let’s say like a company.

Most organizations need someone to handle their TikTok account and when you are good at it you will make money on TikTok through this route.

However, this includes creating content for the page depending on what kind of thing they are into, you make sure the page is engaging daily.

Brand Ambassador

When your page becomes really popular and has many engagements this factor follows, and you get lots of brand attention.

However, you make sure you choose carefully and sign the contract with the aid of your lawyer, and read the agreement properly to understand the nature of your deal with the brand.

Every influencer has a product/brand they represent as their ambassador, helping through their page to promote the brand basically.

How Much Do TikTokers Make?

There are a lot of businesses taking place on this app and any serious-minded individual can be making a fortune on TikTok.

When your page is known/popular there is no limit to what you can make on a daily, you can get paid to promote an artist’s music, brands, comment, and likes.

Couple with the fact that you go live regularly, remember for you to access the live features you must reach one thousand followers first.

However, social media is the world’s market place and lots of activities that fetch individuals’ money every blessed day takes place there, and with such activities, there is no limit to what you can earn on TikTok.


Create your account today and start making money for yourself, as a young person with lots of creative ability this app is for you to explore.

Indulge your skills on TikTok make a profit while having fun, grow your page create interesting content deploy them on the app.

However, there are a lot of ways to make money on TikTok in Nigeria, regardless of the fact that the app those not support payment of Nigerian creators.

Nevertheless, there is some information about the payment of Nigeria TikTokers which they said it will be implemented on the app soon.

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