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10 Best Yogurt For Weight Gain in Nigeria

The best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria truly, yogurt is a great way to gain weight, now the question is do you know what kind of yogurt is the most efficient for weight gain in Nigeria?

The milk product not only aids weight increase, but it also aids calcium absorption in the body. All yogurts are not created equal; rather, their contents vary.

Plain, low-fat, and fat-free yogurt, as well as full-fat yogurt, are available. The latter full-fat yogurt is a filling and convenient snack that promotes weight gain. So, if you want to gain weight, make sure you buy full-fat yogurt.

Top 10 Best Yogurt For Weight Gain in Nigeria

Ziva Greek Yogurt

Ziva’s Greek yogurt started as a lighthearted response to customers’ love of yogurt, which led to them falling ill after drinking one of the major yogurt brands available at the time.

The yogurt maker claims that their product will transform the country’s yogurt industry. Ziva started fine-tuning and standardizing its processes.

They investigated and developed a formula that was both high-quality and profitable. The company is currently situated in Abuja, Nigeria, where it manufactures. Ziva’s Keuken is a trademark owned by Ziva.

Habib Yogurt

Habib Yoghurt is yet another prominent / best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria that, due to its great quality, aids weight growth. Frozen yogurts with fresh fruit garnishes are available from this company.

Habib Yoghurt is known for its excellent flavor, and the milk product is also beneficial for gaining weight. Habib Yoghurt now comes in a variety of sizes to match your unique needs.

Habib Yoghurt is made with just organic ingredients. It is high in Vitamin A and offers the body the best nourishment. The brand also adheres to operational standard control and environmental requirements.

Mich & Kay Greek Yogurt

This Greek Yoghurt is one of the most selling / best yogurts for weight gain in Nigeria. It’s no surprise that a large number of individuals value it.

This yogurt has the advantage of being low in fat, making it acceptable for individuals of all ages and health concerns. Mic & Kay is a deliciously creamy, fat-free treat with a wonderful taste.

Considering the low-fat content, the brand’s flavor and quality are unaffected. This yogurt is high in protein and includes no artificial colors or preservatives. It’s composed entirely of natural materials and packaged in a BPA-free container.

Kezia Foods Yogurt

Kezia Foods produces high-quality Greek yogurt. Kezia Snacks is a dedicated group of people that want to make delicious, healthy food accessible to everyone.

They care about paying close attention to what people consume and striving to provide the alternatives for living a healthy lifestyle that’s why they are on this article; best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria.

It’s because of this that they adore making yogurt. It’s tasty, hygienic, nutritious, creamy, tangy, and a lot of fun to eat.

Greek yogurt substitutes lost calcium for lactose-intolerant people, and it also contains a lot of B12, which is important for energy and cognitive function, especially for vegetarians.

It’s high in potassium, which aids in sodium regulation and blood pressure reduction, and its high protein content aids in muscle and tissue reconstruction, making it a suitable choice for muscle and tissue rejuvenation, this is another reason they are in the article; best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria.

Hollandia Yogurt

Hollandia is a well-known brand among the best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria’s yogurt sector that has been highly praised for a long time.

This company is known for its delicious and healthy yogurt drinks. It’s chock-full of vitamins and tastes like fresh fruit.

Hollandia yogurt is also available in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, orange, pineapple, coconut, plain sweetened, and plain green apple.

Due to the wide range of flavors, many people wonder if Hollandia yogurt is useful for weight loss. It doesn’t because there’s always something fresh to add to yogurt’s repetition.

Fresh Yo Yogurt

This yogurt brand is part of the best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria also available in a number of flavors, including basic sweet, strawberry, vanilla, and more. The drink is tasty and refreshing, and it’s suitable for both children and adults.

At home, at the office, at school, at parties, and at any time of day, a Fresh Yo Yoghurt drink is ideal. Yogurt is created from a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients that are good for your health.

Health n’ Healthy Greek Yogurt

Health n’ Healthy Complete Living is a wellness lifestyle firm that focuses on active lifestyle-inspired healthy food and exercise services.

They provide a way of delivering basic healthy eating selections while also providing a relatable alternative which is the reason they are on this post; best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria.

They are dedicated to providing healthy lifestyle alternatives through their services and products. Health n’ Healthy Yogurt is a tasty treat that also appears to be high in calcium their yogurt is also high in protein and vitamins, making it a good choice for weight growth.

Keziah Yogurt

Another option in the article; the best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria is Keziah Yoghurt. In the country, this yogurt is a well-known brand of thick, unsweetened yogurt.

Keziah creates some of the best-frozen yogurts and Greek frozen yogurt from locally produced farm dairy, with the goal of providing nutritious and delicious yogurt to yogurt enthusiasts. Only the best milk is used in the creation of the yogurt, according to the business.

Fage Yogurt

Fage Yoghurt is a thick, creamy milk-based yogurt that contains live active yogurt cultures. This brand offers a wide range of yogurts with delectable additions.

Fage Yoghurt is a lactose-free thickened yogurt. It’s a one-of-a-kind food because it’s naturally high in protein and calcium, which qualifies them as one of the best yogurts for weight gain in Nigeria.

Farmfresh Yogurt

Farm-fresh yogurt is strong in protein, making it an excellent choice for best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria. Farmfresh Yoghurt is beneficial to many people who are seeking to reduce weight or maintain their weight.

Other nutrients included in farm-fresh yogurt include carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. There are no preservatives in this yogurt. Strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and mango are among the seven natural flavors available in stirred yogurt cups.


Finally, on the best yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria, you and I know that yogurt and milk have both been utilized to aid with weight gain and muscle development.

They’re a good supply of calcium since they have the right balance of proteins, carbs, and lipids. If you’re trying to gain weight and maintain your body in shape, yogurt is a great source of protein.

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