Top 10 Biggest Palm Oil Producing States in Nigeria

Before we go into details about; palm oil producing states in Nigeria you should have more knowledge about this fruit. Now for starters, palm oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the mesocarp of the oil palm fruit.

The oil is utilized in food production, cosmetics, and as a biofuel. In 2014, palm oil contributed to over 33% of world oils derived from oil crops.

Palm oil has been in use by humans for over 5,000 years. Archaeologists uncovered material in a tomb in Abydos dating back to 3,000 BCE that they claimed was originally palm oil in the late 1800s. Palm is thought to have been brought to Egypt by traders.

As shown in a recent assessment, Nigeria generates at least 7% of the world’s palm oil. Mind you, there are some states in Nigeria that have made this feasible, but little attention is paid to them.

Nigeria has always been at the center of palm oil producers, particularly in Africa, however since crude oil was discovered, much focus has shifted to crude oil, primarily due to the quick money.

However, palm oil has still been produced in several Nigerian states; about half of the country’s states produce palm oil, however, for the purposes of this discussion, we’ve chosen the top ten palm oil-producing states in Nigeria.

Top 10 Biggest Palm Oil Producing States in Nigeria

Akwa Ibom State

The state seems to be the largest in this list of palm oil producing states in Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom is a great state with good people who are also diligent workers with their effort which has put the state on the list as one of Nigeria’s top palm oil-producing states as stated above.

Although we all know, Akwa Ibom is situated in the south region of Nigeria’s southern coast, and cash crops thrive in these conditions, resulting in high production of cash crops.

In summary, Akwa Ibom has great economic potential, including crude oil, glass sand, limestone, and agricultural products such as rice, cassava, and others.

Rivers State

Rivers State is yet another state rich in natural resources and submerged in water, the land and vegetation are ideal for palm oil plantations, and the state has been ranked among the top 10 palm oil producing states in Nigeria.

Rivers State is Nigeria’s sixth-largest populated state, and crude oil is the state’s main source of revenue. 

However, aside from crude oil, there are several other items that bring in money for the inhabitants and indirectly create revenue for the country. 

Palm oil production is concentrated in the Etche and Ikwerre local government areas of Rivers State, while it is practiced throughout the state.

Abia State

Another merger palm oil producing states in Nigeria is Abia state they are the main producer of palm oil in the South Eastern area they are known for palm oil production.

However, according to data acquired from the Ministry of Agriculture, the state generates about 190,00 metric tonnes of palm oil annually, with a large amount of palm kernel, putting it in fourth place among the top palm oil producers.

Cross River State

One of the biggest palm oil producing states in Nigeria is Cross River state, which is located in Nigeria’s South-South area and contains vegetation that is appropriate for palm oil production.

Calabar is the capital of the state, which shares a border with Cameroon.

Cross River State has recently generated over 200,000 metric tons of palm oil and has approximately 360,000 acres of farmland set out, particularly for palm plantations, including local farmers for massive production.

Ondo State

The State is located in Nigeria’s southwestern area, and it is rich in crude oil and other natural resources. Ondo state is also one of the top 10 palm oil producing states in Nigeria.

Akure is the state capital of Ondo and the industrial heart of the state, having a large population. It is recognized for cocoa production and is Nigeria’s top cocoa producer.

Imo State

This state is found in Nigeria’s south-eastern area, with Owerri as its capital.

Imo State has become one of the largest palm oil producing states in Nigeria, and we must give appreciation to the state government for this accomplishment.

Farmers were given farming gear and a palm oil processing factory by the government, which made the process faster and more efficient.

Edo State

Edo State is among the top palm oil producing states in Nigeria. This state is situated in Nigeria’s mid-western area. Having advantageous climatic circumstances allows for an excellent yield of farm produce.

The administration of Edo state recently announced plans to establish the Edo Oil Palm Project, with 51 acres of land being granted to kick off the project.

Delta State

Delta is one of the largest palm oil producing states in Nigeria, which can be linked to the state’s climate and vegetation, which is influenced by the fact that it is encircled by sea. 

The Delta State government seems to have been quite helpful, and the farmers are not growing weary of doing what they enjoy.

The state recently allocated 1.2 million for palm oil production farmers with support from the Central Bank of Nigeria, with the goal of creating more jobs and income for Delta state. While also assisting the country in revenue creation.

Anambra State

Anambra state is not left out as it is one of the top palm oil producing states in Nigeria and the government manufactures for commercial use.

Anambra is among the most developed states in the country’s south-eastern region, as well as a state that values agricultural methods.

The industrial and rising state gave thousands of hectares of land for the production of cash crops, including palm oil.

Most thanks to the state’s satisfactory climate and vegetation, which has been a major boost for production, as well as assistance from the state government. Anambra state has risen to the top of palm oil producing states in Nigeria.

Bayelsa State

The state is among palm oil producing states in Nigeria, which federal government, through the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC, has identified cassava and oil palm as commodities for export promotion in Bayelsa State under the One State One Product, scheme.

Bayelsa State has an oil palm mill, a semi-automated palm oil mill, to help enhance the state’s palm oil production.


Finally, in this article; palm oil producing states in Nigeria, now have in mind that numerous countries utilize palm oil just as a frying oil.

However, many other markets use both palm and palm kernel oil: Food and snack manufacturers for the general public. Cosmetics, biofuel, energy, and personal care are mainly palm kernel oil.

Palm oil is widely used in Nigeria, mostly for the creation of traditional meals, and its therapeutic properties make it accepted throughout the country.

Palm oil is prized not only by Nigerians but also by Africans and the rest of the globe. 

Palm oil production has indeed been beneficial to Nigeria’s economy because the country’s economy is primarily based on crude oil, but the palm oil industry has provided an additional source of revenue for the country anytime crude oil prices fall.

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