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Updated List Of Punishable Crimes And Offenses In Nigeria

However, these horrible acts punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria which are punishable by law, but the procedure of obtaining a judgment for these criminal offenses appear to be cumbersome, resulting in a postponement in the administration of justice or the imposition of penalty on wrongdoers.

Crime will undoubtedly exist in every country or community. As a result, measures must be in place to avoid people from engaging in such behavior and to punish anyone who does.

Certain crimes have been noted to be more widespread in Nigeria than others. However, Glass Suite will include all punishable actions and their punishments in this post, according to the criminal act or, preferably the Nigerian constitution.

A Complete List Of Punishable Crimes And Offenses In Nigeria

The following is the list of punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria:


To perpetuate this crime, one must use a computer or a variety of other digitized devices. 

The EFCC requires cybercafés to register so that the agency can monitor their operations and enforce operational regulations to prevent cyber crimes. 

Cybercrime involves a ten million Naira fine or a five-year jail sentence.


Rape is defined as engaging in sexual intercourse with someone against their consent, especially with force. Around 90% of coercive sex against women is perpetrated by males.

Rape has come to signify, to some extent, Nigerians’ ambiguity, moral bankruptcy, ethical impoverishment, selfishness, perverted conscience, widespread immorality, and deception over time.

Punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria rape carry a life sentence or a lower penalty, as well as a monetary punishment. 


Terrorism is a widespread phrase that refers to the act of creating fear and violence in people with plans to terrorize them, usually through the use of religion, politics, or money as a boosting concept. Terrorism in Nigeria is punishable by life behind bars or, if death is involved, the capital penalty.

Economic Crime

Punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria, this type of crime can manifest in many ways. The key resemblance between this type of crime and other forms of crime is that it hurts a country’s economy.

In this case, Nigeria’s, and can cause the country to go into recession. There are a whole lot of crimes like this.

Tax evasion, pipeline vandalism, and a plethora of other problems are all on the rise. The sentence is seven years in prison, with or without a fine.

Financial Crime

A financial crime is a crime involving the illicit use of money or financial items such as checks, drafts, and money orders. 

For example, mortgage fraud and the distribution of fraudulent checks. 14 years in prison or a fine, or both, is the penalty.

Advance Fee Fraud

It is really a form of the con in which a con artist convinces a victim to pay money upfront for a potential business partnership, romance, marriage, contract, or other transaction. Such financial crime can result in a fourteen-year prison sentence, a fine, or both.

Money Laundering

The illicit transfer of funds out of Nigeria is known as money laundering. Punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria include laundering, income that hasn’t been reported to the authorities and is typically extracted illegally in order to be converted to legal cash. Money laundering is punishable by a jail term of seven to fourteen years and monetary punishment.

Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal conspiracy carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison, with or without a fine.

Slander And Libel

The penalty for slander and libel is three years in prison or a fine, or even both.


Misappropriation of funds carries the following penalties: Sentencing varies from seven to fourteen years in prison., including a monetary fine.

Ballot Box Snatching

Snatching a voting box carries a maximum fine of $50,000,000 or a minimum sentence of ten years in jail, or both.


Forgery is punishable by seven years in prison, with or without a fine.

Physical Assault

Physical assault carries a life sentence or a lower penalty, as well as the possibility of a fine.

Hate Speech/Public Incitement

A year in prison is the penalty for hate speech/public incitement.

Examination Malpractice

Punishment for Examination malpractice is three years jail sentence.

Police Brutality And Hostility

People are questioning the need for survival skills in this no-man’s-land because of the Nigerian police force’s horrific violence and antagonism. 

The public has no defined defense against police abuse. In order to defend themselves, cops shoot unarmed civilians and label them armed robbers. 

Unarmed Nigerians have been sentenced to prison for crimes they did not commit. The penalty for police brutality is three years in prison.

Bribery And Corruption

Bribery is the act of offering stuff, usually money, in exchange for a secret advantage, whereas corruption is the act of manipulating a position of trust in order to achieve an unfair advantage.

Bribery and corruption carry a three-year prison sentence.

Robbery On The Highway/Armed Robbery/Robbery

This is a rather common infraction in Nigeria. This has long been a hazardous vice, and it is getting increasingly more so in some locations. 

Robbery carries a seven-year sentence, with or without a fine. In the case of violent crimes, the additional charges would be charged separately.

Religious Crisis

Any offenses committed during or after a religious crisis would be held accountable. 

If a religious disaster or violence occurs, for example, the perpetrators would be held responsible for the murder, arson, rape, and theft, as well as being prosecuted and suitably punished.


Punishment for complicity is the same as for the directly responsible crime.


Furthermore, on punishable crimes and offenses in Nigeria, everyone should be aware that there are a variety of additional crimes that are common in Nigeria and are all punishable under the law.

To prevent being punished, you should take the time to learn about these rules and what it means to break them. 

But although, as they say, gross negligence isn’t a defense in court, reading this information will help you become more conscious of these crimes. 

It is vital that you engage a lawyer to represent you if you believe you have been wrongly charged. 

Some people break the law involuntarily, so if your lawyer is good, he or she could be eligible to use this as a defensive strategy in your case.

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