Top 10 Best Areas To Live In Port Harcourt

The best areas to live in Port Harcourt, for starters, Port Harcourt is also called “Pitakwa” which is the capital and largest city of Rivers State, Nigeria. Port Harcourt is the fifth largest city in Nigeria after Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, and Benin City.

However, knowing the history of a city and its areas is a major key to knowing the safe and conducive areas you might want to rent an apartment in a particular city

However, in this article here in Glass Suite: Best areas to live in Port Harcourt, writing based on the experience we shall walk you through good, bad, and conducive areas to live in Port Harcourt, then you can make your choice.

Best Areas To Live In Port Harcourt

New GRA PH  

This area is one of the best areas to live in Port Harcourt with good planning and a safe and serene environment. However, it has been monetized and business-oriented as it runs a 24/7 nightlife.

Now what you have to worry about when you rent an apartment in New GRA, is the tussle/battle between nightclubs and churches in it.

Peter Odili Road PH

Odili Road is another best area to live in Port Harcourt with lots of restaurants, gas stations, malls, and hotels in it and it is adjacent to Trans-Amadi the industrial hub of Port Harcourt

which Omah Lay was referring to in Olamide’s song Infinity featuring him. Note this area houses the big boys and it has some of the finest estates in PH city, so if you are thinking of opening a business in this area then surely expect premium customers.

Amadi Flat PH & Forces Avenue

Both areas respectively are on the same lane and are the center of greenery. However, mind you, your next neighbor might be an ex-governor who will actually not care when the transformer goes bad because the government still fuels his generators.

But note here is among the best areas to live in Port Harcourt your security is assured because it houses the Rivers State government house, EFCC, DSS, and Police Headquarters respectively.

Woji PH

Woji is one of the best areas in this article with a good road network and safe and favorable light conditions in it. Note, that the landlords do increase rent according to the increment in power supply time.

Now before you will say Glass Suite said it’s all safe in Woji! Just like most areas are cool but be mindful of mini Woji because boys around there are not always smiling.

Akpajo PH

The Port Harcourt refinery, Indorama or Notore, and the seaport are located in this area. The best areas to live in Port Harcourt, Akpajo is perfect if you work in Onne and its environs. Also, beware of the need to wake up early or spend some quality time in Akpajo junction traffic jam when going to work.

Elekahia Housing Estate PH

Elekahia estate is full of old houses and enclosed where every individual is minding their business. However, it is also the best areas to live in Port Harcourt but the other parts of the estate feature some thugs on patrol at night so while renting a place out there you might want to look out properly and make your choice according to your shock immunity.

Marine Base PH

The best areas to live in Port Harcourt, this area is usually dangerous and scary but it’s no longer so because of the new NDDC headquarters presence in this area and more good things are also coming. Note the power supply here is amazing and do well to avoid the waterside area!  

Tank Elimbu PH

Tank is close to the Port Harcourt oil mill market and buys and sells mostly on Wednesdays / Thursdays. Tank Elimbu area has traffic jams mostly on normal days not to talk of the oil mill market days!

The best areas to live in Port Harcourt, Tank has affordable self-contains however, you should get set for a frustrating traffic jam with lots of big trucks in it.

Oyigbo PH

This area is on our list as one of the best areas to live in Port Harcourt, because it is mostly new houses because it’s still developing and people are buying lands and building new apartments and mostly housing families.

Oyigbo is very cool to stay in, especially if you are into any business that requires going to Aba and you might start considering Igbo as your second language.

Diobu PH

Things are cheap here but where you have cheap things then expect different types of behaviors, ie expect the good, bad, and ugly in it.

Generally, Diobu has been rough since even with police stations here and there and lots of government-owned structures and markets things still happen daily.

If you love the Port Harcourt pigeon English then here is the headquarters, but it’s not advisable to raise kids around here.

Renting an apartment in the Diobu area, you can easily stroll to ikoku when your car gets bad or visit mile 1 or mile 3 to get foodstuffs that are sold 200% off the cost in Odili road, New GRA, and lord knows Amadi flat respectively.

Now if your furniture is bad, the timber market is in Illabuchi and if you need to print at a cheaper rate then the education bus stop down to Afikpo is the zone, literally, things are cheap out here.   

Ogbunabali PH

Houses out here are really old and mostly low roofs and majorly family houses where your landlord might be living in the same compound too so most times you might be locked outside for coming back late!

However, Ogbunabali is partly a market and a hood but very safe and less robbery because of community rules and others.

Also, you can stroll to Garrison in a few minutes. Now take note, if you cannot tolerate community influence please avoid this area.

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