Top 10 Exciting Things To Do In Port Harcourt

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, now every city in the world has side attractions and entertaining sites that make them unique in their own way.

However, this article here in Glass Suite provides you with most of the exciting stuff you will want to do when visiting Port Harcourt.

Exciting Things To Do In Port Harcourt

Attend Events

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, the city is a happening one with lots of activities, especially the rich bolle carnivals every year.

If you visit check around probably on social media you will definitely see a big event you will love to attend, recently there was a big event: Burna Boys Home Coming which was organized by the Rivers State government.

Eat Bole And Fish

My favorite stuff in Port Harcourt is the delicious taste and aroma of the native bole and fish. Which is made up of roasted yam, plantain, and pepper sauce mixed with red oil!

Port Harcourt should be recognized as the capital of bole & fish because no one does it like the Port Harcourt people actually.


This is one of the amazing games recently that gives you that soldier vibe and combat kind of cruise in it and their address is at Old Aba Rd, City Centre, Port Harcourt.

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules called paintballs.  

Port Harcourt Cultural Center

The Port Harcourt Cultural Center is a renowned tourist destination. exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, it is situated at Bonny Street, Port Harcourt.

It serves as a center for displaying the cultural heritage of Port Harcourt and Rivers State as a whole.

The center shows relics that tell the antiquity of the city and also houses workshops that sell replicas of these local relics as well as African jewelry, homewares, pottery, and souvenirs within the center.

It has a theater a stage and an auditorium for live performances of cultural dance and plays it holds an enormous attraction for guests.

Bonny Island

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, Bonny Island is arranged at the southern edge of Rivers State in the Niger Delta, Nigeria close to Port Harcourt.

Ships are the primary type of transport in Bonny Island. Bonny Island was the melting point of economic activities right from the 15th century and was also home to many illustrious sons and daughters of Nigeria.

With a thriving traditional system and robust cultural heritage, it stands out as one of the foremost local communities in Nigeria.

Port Harcourt City Mall

It’s always fun to visit the mall, Spar Port Harcourt is a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt from groceries to wear and cosmetics, it is also boisterous with fun activities and games as provided by several vendors using the facility to do business.

Port Harcourt City Mall is located along Azikiwe Road, next to the government house, Port Harcourt.

Isaac Boro Garden Park

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt If you turn your courtesy to the flyover above the main motor park at the south end of Aba road you will be able to see a part called the Isaac Boro Garden Park.

This park was named after Isaac Boro who was murdered in the Biafran battle, there are also crypts of unidentified soldiers who gave their lives in the designation of the world wars. The Park is a site that houses incredible memorials.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Port Harcourt tourist beach is perhaps the oldest tourist attraction in Port Harcourt city. It is located at Kolabi Creek east of the old township.

It has been a center of relaxation for both residents of Port Harcourt as well as tourists since 1988.

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt apart from the fact that you get to enjoy a nice view of the water, you can also sunbathe and relish a dip in the cool water.

Many activities are available for guests looking to sport. Some of these activities include horseback riding, volleyball, and football among other famous beach sports.

There are bush bar bistros that serve bush meat, palm wine, and native dishes including seafood.

Yakubu Gowon Stadium

Yakubu Gowon Stadium (formerly Liberation Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium in the Elekahia suburb, of Rumomasi, Port Harcourt.

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, the stadium is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Rivers United F.C. formerly Dolphins F.C.

The stadium has a capacity of 16,000 people. In 2015, it was renamed in honor of the former military head of state, General Yakubu Gowon.

Tower Climbing At The Pleasure Park

Exciting things to do in Port Harcourt, the Pleasure Park is a public recreation park, and it is located along Aba Road, near the 2nd Amphibious Brigade Barracks also known as Bori Camp, Rumuola town.

The purpose of the park is to serve as both a tourist destination and a revenue generator for the state.

The park is also filled with various exercise machines ranging from simple walkers and massage machines to elliptical trainers. There is a parking lot, a jogging track, restaurants and a climbing tower in it.

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