Top 10 Expensive Best Boarding Schools In Nigeria

Best boarding schools in Nigeria, Note there are many good boarding schools in the country but in this article: Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria, Glass Suite provides you with the top-notch in the country with of course expensive fees.

However, these are good schools for your kids but apart from this list, there are also other good and affordable boarding schools out there depending on your budget.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

Dowen College

The school is situated in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Dowen College consists of boarding houses including provisions for day students, the college was established in 1997 and ranks amongst the best boarding schools in Nigeria and one of the boarding schools in Lagos.

The students can receive a very broad and balanced education in a good academic environment. There are computer centers in the school, a rich library, and cultural facilities.

The boarding school students pay N2,000,000 per year while day school students pay N1, 250, 000 per year also the fees cover school uniforms, feeding, and textbooks including house wear.

Chrisland College

Chrisland College is one of the best boarding schools located in Lagos also it is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

The school is filled and equipped with modern laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms, and lots more obviously with a fee of N2, 000, 000 per year.

Atlantic Hall Secondary School

The school was started in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council (ETC). It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and is situated very close to the Atlantic Ocean in Epe.

Their facilities comprise a medical center, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and things that are required for comfortable and versatile education.

The secondary school students are involved in many social activities including talent and dance shows, concerts, and filmmaking and the fee is N2, 270, 000.

Hillcrest School

This is a Christian School with an American pattern of education and it was founded in 1942 as a school for Christian missionary children.

There are 3 dimensions of the school: elementary, middle, and secondary school also most secondary school students who graduate from the school are admitted into North American universities with no waste of time.

Hillcrest is situated in Jos and it is a school for the high born the student fee is N2, 650, 000 per year.

Loyola Jesuite College

Loyola College is a classical secondary school that was opened in 1996 and is one of the boarding schools in Abuja.

It’s one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. This school is way outside the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria with a fee of N2, 800, 000.

Green Springs School

The school was established in 1985 in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is obviously one of the prestigious boarding schools in Lagos and one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

The fee for boarding school students is N3, 185, 200 per year which usually covers tuition, textbooks, and school uniforms.

White Plains British School

The White Plains British School is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and a school of British education style. It is for high-born students between the ages of 2 to 18.

Students who graduate here stand the chance of getting a university education abroad directly from this level considering its affiliation with those British Universities. The fee is N3.6 million per year.

Day Waterman College

It is a boarding school with an exciting and conducive learning environment for secondary school students from 11 – 16 years old. It is situated in Ogun State, Nigeria.

The school has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that have been made available to create the best atmosphere for studying the fee is N3.7 million yearly.

Lekki British International School

Lekki British School is one of the top private secondary boarding schools in Nigeria. It was established in 2000 the school has an all-international standard of studying and with well-equipped:

Laboratories, air-conditioned learning rooms, theatre rooms, and internet-connected computers for students. This is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria with a fee of N4.3 million per session.

British International School, Lagos

British International was planned and built as a multinational English secondary school in 2000 and has grown to become one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

The school has been equipped with music suites, multi-purpose halls, theatre, science suites, computer suites, and many others.

The fee is N4, 480, 000 for an academic year. This fee covers all school services including books and day wear.

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