Top 5 Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

This article is focused on the best look in the world of web hosting services when creating a personal or commercial website. The best web hosting in Nigeria, these businesses give you dependable and fast servers to keep your website up and running. What is Nigeria’s best web hosting service? What is the cost of their services?

In this piece, we’ll go over the solutions to both queries. A web hosting service is a business that allows people or businesses to host their websites on a server on the internet.

Because there are so many options, choosing the finest web hosting service in Nigeria is tough. We’ve gathered information on your behalf and have a few suggestions for you.

Prices of the Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

  • Bluehost WordPress Hosting: $2.95 – $12.95
  • GoDaddy Hosting: $3.66
  • HostGator: $2.75 – $5.25
  • Hostinger: $1.39 – $3.99
  • Tiger Technologies: $9.95 – $16.92

All of the pricing listed above is after a monthly subscription. The cost of the first payment cycle is usually discounted. Before you subscribe, it’s best to chat with a company person and inquire about the regular price. The pricing listed above is for the starter package, this is something that web hosting firms promote.

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria


Since you’re familiar with the world of web hosting, you’ve probably heard of HostGator. This company’s server hosts more than 10 million domains.

Just on the basis of this data, we can say that HostGator is one of the most popular and dependable web hosting providers in the world.

One can choose from a variety of plans at HostGator. They include WordPress Cloud Hosting, Standard Hosting, and a variety of other options.

WordPress, Committed, and VPS servers are all supported by the former. HostGator offers very low-cost services with quick load times.


Hostinger is known for its quick load speeds and low prices. When you pay for multiple months at a time, you can get a better deal on hosting.

One of the best features of Hostinger is that you get Let’s Encrypt SSL for free for a single website. The benefit is included in all of the company’s plans, including the entry-level one.

Weekly backup is included in the entry-level subscription, whereas daily backup is included in the premium plan. This web hosting company is also focused on incorporating a staging tool into its offerings.

You can test modifications with this tool before publishing them with a single click. For most of its plans, Hostinger also includes responsive and fast SSD storage, SSH access, and GIT access.

GoDaddy Hosting

Another best web host whenever you need a good web hosting provider, GoDaddy is one of the best options available. This web hosting service guarantees a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The only drawback is that it is more expensive than the first two companies on our list. It compensates for this by providing high-quality services. Access to several website-building software is one such service.

GoDaddy offers a minimum of 150 programs to assist you in creating a website, forum, or blog.

Aside from that, the first year includes a free Microsoft 365 email account as well as a free domain name. Another feature we appreciate about GoDaddy is that it offers a WordPress solution.

Tiger Technologies

The best web hosting in Nigeria, Tiger Technology is not so popular but they offer exceptional web hosting services. This company gives you a very fast server that ensures that your website is always available with a fast response time.

Also, subscribing to this web hosting company saves you money because their services are cost-effective.

Their package is perfect for beginners and people who are looking for affordable but reliable web hosting options. This company has an array of plans that you can choose from.

One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to Tiger technology is the number of SSD disk spaces you get.

This is quite large compared to other web hosting solutions in the same category. We must notify you that Tiger technology is most designed for WordPress.

A subscription gives you access to the one-click link for WordPress installations. This makes it very easy to set up WordPress.

There is only one challenge with Tiger technology. Their user interface is quite simple. With a little more proficiency, they will compete with some of the largest web hosting services in the world.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

If you are not a beginner and you are looking for the best web hosting in Nigeria / the best WordPress hosting service, Bluehost is a good option. As the name implies, this platform is ideal for WordPress. For beginners, the location of the challenge is a little too confusing.

The most basic package (WP standard) can manage roughly 100 million monthly visits. If you don’t have a large number of visitors, you may not even need to subscribe to a larger package.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting is based on virtual private server (VPS) technology. As a result, you can rest assured that your website will be secure and load quickly.

Factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service

Selecting a web hosting service can be a difficult task. Your business will suffer if you make the wrong decision. We recognize this and have compiled a list of points to consider before making a decision:

  • Reputation and customer reviews
  • User interface and control panel
  • Email features
  • Scalability
  • Price
  • Specialties or areas of focus
  • Specs and limitations
  • Technical support
  • Add-ons and special features
  • Hardware requirements

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