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How To Make Greek Yogurt In Nigeria

Many individuals are used to natural yogurt from different brands but not everyone could process the making of Greek Yogurt in Nigeria. Yogurt is produced through the fermentation of milk with the help of yogurt culture bacteria to become a consumable substance (food for the body).

Greek yogurt is mostly less sweetened and contain more milk less sugar, salt, and water, however, within this period of fermenting the yogurt drops in carbohydrate, and become creamy with extra protein.

Generally, Greek yogurt has more level of balance as it is processed and filtered in a different dimension. Nevertheless, Glasssuite will take you through the step-by-step production on how to make Greek yogurt in Nigeria with less stress and positive result.

Ingredients To Make Greek Yogurt

  • Milk 500 ML/seven milk sachet must mix with two cups of water
  • Yogurt that contains a bacterium culture of about 112 tablespoons (Habib Yogurt contains DVS culture
  • Two cups of water considering the size of your mixture
  • Sieve
  • Glass bottle
  • A pot

How To Make Greek Yogurt In Nigeria

Milk And Water Mixed Together

Seven sachets of powdered milk/500ml of milk are required of the mixture and depending on the quantity of milk and saucepan determines the quantity of water that should be added (2 cups eg).

Then make sure you mix the milk and water perfectly well, mostly it is advised you go through the same process two times to archive a perfect blend.


Set your cooking energy to a medium temperature and put the mixed paste on the heat, allow to boil for a few. Also, support the boiling with your spatula, after some minutes put the pot down and allow it to cool off.

Depurate Your Glass

You have to transfer the yogurt into a glass jar preferably and sterilize the jar for a different phase of boiling. Depurating your tool is very important while handling consumable products,

speaking of which you have to take the hygiene of the space you are processing from seriously. The liquid in the glass should be cooked again but in a different method, put water in the pot set your gas let it cook in the water for some time.

Tablespoon Of The Culture

The milk shouldn’t be very cold or hot it should be in the middle (warm), the yogurt culture bacteria is a significant component in the yogurt preparation. There shouldn’t be an excessive input of the culture, a tablespoon is enough if the quantity you mixed is not massive.

Preserve In A Warm And Dark Environment

Basically, you need the yogurt to ferment at this point you should follow this pattern for quick results, but if you have other ways of making it ferment you can.

Cover your bowl of milk mixed with yogurt culture bacteria with a clean napkin then place it in a warm and dark environment for it to ferment for about ten hours or more.

Sieve The Whey

Strain the whey of the yogurt to get a pure liquid, and use clean cotton to sieve if you don’t have the handmade sieve. How to make Greek yogurt: After you have concluded with this part, you should refrigerate the Greek yogurt.

The whey is protein, and sieving it doesn’t mean the yogurt does not contain protein, however, it is to make the products have a smooth feeling when consumed.


When it comes to Greek yogurt in Nigeria you should consider; Santifood yogurt, Zivas, and Keziafoods among many others.

However, this step-by-step process might not be all the guidelines you need to prepare your Greek yogurt, so you should research more for other information you couldn’t find here.

Greek yogurt contains lots of health benefits and it is easy to prepare, depending on the flavor you might want to work on, don’t forget to eat healthy and organic.

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