Highest Paid Force In Nigerian, Ranks And Salary

The highest Paid Force in Nigeria, there are three of them, and Nigeria’s armed forces in the category include the Nigeria Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Now most individuals are quite curious about their salary structure before applying for recruitment, here is your answer in Glass Suite.

List of The Highest Paid Force In Nigeria: Ranks And Salary

The Nigerian Army

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria, the Nigerian Army is considered according to statistics the largest among the armed forces they are also land forces and comprise major formations which are:

1st Division, the 2nd Division, the 3rd Armoured Division, 81st Division, 82nd Division, and the recently formed 7th Division.

RanksMonthly Salary
Private Soldier  N49, 000
Lance Corporal  N55, 000
Corporal   N58, 000
Sergeant   N68, 000
Staff Sergeant N68, 000
Warrant Officer N80, 000
Master Warrant OfficerN90, 000
Second Lieutenant     N120, 000
LieutenantN180, 000
CaptainN220, 000 
Major N300, 000
Lieutenant Colonel N350, 000
Colonel N550, 000
Brigadier General N750, 000      
Major GeneralN950, 000
Lieutenant GeneralN1, 000, 000
GeneralN1, 500, 000

The Nigerian Navy

The highest Paid Force in Nigeria, the Nigerian Navy (NN) is the sea branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The Nigerian Navy command structure today consists of the Naval Headquarters in Abuja, and three operational commands with headquarters in Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa.

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria, The Nigeria Navy Training command headquarters NAVTRAC is located in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, but with training facilities spread all over Nigeria.

There are five operational bases, five forward operational bases (with two more soon to come on stream), two dockyards located in Lagos and Port Harcourt, and two fleets based in Lagos and Calabar.

There are twelve ranks under the commissioned officers and we’ve highlighted the ranks below and the salary per annum of some of these officials.

RankSalary per annum
AdmiralN16, 303, 140
Vice AdmiralN13, 363, 229
Rear AdmiralN12, 038, 945
CommodoreN7, 385, 856
CaptainN3, 715, 859
CommanderN3, 380, 086

Note there are other commissioned ranks such as:

  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria, The Nigeria Navy also has non-commissioned officers which include:

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating and Trainee

Currently, we at Glass Suite do not have any information on the salary structure of these ranks but when we do, we will definitely update.

The Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force is one of the Highest Paid Force in Nigeria which was established in January 1964.

At that time, the force received technical assistance from West Germany and it started out as a transport unit with its crew being trained in Canada, Ethiopia, and Pakistan.

Every year the NAF recruits new officers through the short service program known as DSSC and SSC for university graduates and non-graduates.

RanksMonthly Salary
Trainee N10, 237
Aircraftman womanN53, 892
Lance Corporal N55, 832
Corporal   N58, 634
Sergeant N69, 261
Flight SergeantN87, 119
Warrant Officer N101, 974
Master Warrant Officer N165, 697
Cadet (Trainee) N44, 564
Air Warrant Officer  N171, 793
Pilot Officer N187, 159
Flying OfficerN218, 400
Flight Lieutenant N232, 484
Squadron LeaderN248, 004
Wing Comdr N342, 586
Group CaptainN352, 631
Air CommodoreN677, 895
Air Vice-MarshalN1, 376, 343
Air MarshalN1, 486, 451
Air Chief Marshal  N1, 724, 283

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria, note these salaries are per month and annum, other allowances such as special assignments, foreign missions, military operations, and estacode are not included in the salary so there is much more extra money in being military personnel.

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria According to the survey, the annual salary of an Army General, Naval Admiral, or Air-Chief Marshal in the Nigerian military is estimated at N1.72 million monthly.

Other Ranks of officers in the Army, Navy, and Airforce such as Major General, Rear Admiral, or Air Vice Marshal respectively, earn an estimated annual salary of N16,516,124.

Highest Paid Force in Nigeria, the annual salary of a Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel is estimated at N4, 231, 579, and a Brigadier General earns N8, 134, 745.

For positions like the Lieutenant Colonel, Commander, or Wing Commander, the annual salary is N3, 895, 033 which is higher than that of the Major by N918, 000.

For higher ranks like a Captain in the Army, Lieutenant in the Navy, and Flight Lieutenant in the Air Force, the annual salary is estimated at N2, 789, 818, while Major, Lieutenant Commander, and Wing Commander receive N2, 976, 052 annually.

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