Currently How Much Uber Drivers Make Weekly in Nigeria 2023 Big Update

How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria do you wonder how much Uber drivers make week after week in Nigeria? Or then again would you say you are expecting to become an Uber driver and need to know your likely profit?

Whatever it is, you have come to the right site to find a solution. In this article on how much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, you will figure out how much Uber/Bolt

drivers make in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, and how they can expand their profit. Before we proceed, you should comprehend that Uber drivers don’t acquire a particular compensation.

They procure from the amount they get from trips. How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria their income likewise relies upon different elements and we have given here an expected sum of a normal

Uber driver in Nigeria makes each week. We have made this assessment with a foundation of certain presumptions. In this way, we expected to be that: 

  • The Uber driver didn’t encounter a vehicle breakdown 
  • No mishap occurred 
  • The driver was not gotten for bombing a traffic request 
  • There was no gridlock that would achieve delays 
  • Our gauge depends on the reality the Uber/Bolt driver worked 7 days out of each week on the normal level. 

How much Uber Drivers make Weekly in Nigeria


How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, the primary spot Uber began working in Nigeria is Lagos. The explanation isn’t from the way that Lagos has a regularly developing populace.

Lagos likewise has a decent number of normal and fashionable residents who can bear the cost of the charge for Uber administrations. 

How much do Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, an Uber driver in Lagos who is out for business can hack into the colossal market Lagos gives and return home, grinning to the bank. How could this be conceivable? How about we see? 

How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, Uber charges N400 to N3,800 for every excursion relying upon factors like distance, a measure of burden, and others. Furthermore, by and large, they charge N1000. 

A normal Uber driver works for five hours and in 60 minutes, he is required to have gone for two excursions. In the event that you are following, you will comprehend that he makes N2000 each hour. 

After five hours, we can say these drivers make N10,000 consistently. Are you still asking how much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, from here you can see with me that an Uber driver can make N60,000 – N70,000 every week (barring a resting day). Isn’t this marvelous? 

Indeed, before you let salivation dribble from your mouth on account of what you are seeing, you should comprehend that the Uber driver will deal with specific charges.

He deals with the vehicle if there should be an occurrence of breakdown, he is liable for cost entryway charges and other vital traffic expenses. 

Port Harcourt 

Following five hours, we can say a Bolt/Uber driver makes N10,000 consistently on the grounds that traffic is less in contrast with Lagos. You can see that a Bolt/Uber driver in PH makes N70,000 – N80, 000 every week barring a resting day.

How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, a driver that works in Port Harcourt works for a normal 14 hours each day some work more, and target occupied zones like Uniport, UST, eagle island, GRA, and pretty much every region in PH is rewarding with regards to this business. 


How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, have you thought about how much Uber drivers make in Abuja? You might be thinking about my opinion before now about the spewed province of Uber drivers in Abuja.

Obviously, Abuja isn’t pretty much as populated as Lagos; who will even think often about Uber? Abuja is an authoritative spot and it wouldn’t be important to drive Uber there. 

On the off chance that you have been thinking in this line, I am sorry you have been deluded by whom I believe it’s yourself. Our discoveries of how much Uber drivers make in Abuja are astonishing. 

Beating every one of the fancies and suppositions, Uber/Bolt drivers in Abuja make more than Uber/Bolt drivers in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria is on the grounds that Abuja has the coolest street network likewise they utilize this stunt I expressed underneath to look down to perceive what I talk about. 

Step by Step Instructions to Make More Money as an Uber/Bolt Driver in Nigeria 

  • How much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, indeed how Uber drivers make cash in Nigeria is by picking and dropping off travelers. However, on the off chance that you should make more, I trust this stunt helps you: 
  • Distinguish zones where the Uber administration is generally mentioned and consistently be around there. 
  • You can have both Uber, Bolt, and Taxify accounts with the goal that you get trips from them and you can pick. 
  • Ultimately, you can get a calling card which you can undoubtedly slip under the control of your travelers, educating them that you’re additionally accessible for drops and contracts. What about that?

Despite the fact that I don’t know about the consistency of this final remaining one with their terms of Uber, however, being keen enough can truly give you a lift. 

Taking everything into account, I trust you presently know how much Uber/Bolt drivers make in Nigeria. In the event that it intrigues you in this article; how much Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria, why not begin with it today.

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