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How To Be Happy In Nigeria Easy Steps

Searching for happiness is a lifetime journey for everyone, moreover, how to be happy in Nigeria you should understand this, true happiness does not exist as we indulge in the quest of finding it throughout our stay on earth.

How to be happy in Nigeria will give you some valuable tips/things you should try, which will help you to be happy in Nigeria. However, you should understand this factor that happiness is relative, which means it could be associated with different things to different people in diverse ways of being happy.

In current-day Nigeria, the average person is looking for how to be happy in the situation of the country as the outgoing government almost ran the country to the ground.

With the petrol price/scarcity, importation, the introduction of new notes, banks not dispensing them, and no electricity everyone is sad and looking for ways to be happy in Nigeria.

However, these factors in other countries could lead to a state of emergency but instead, the citizens are calm but not 100%, trying to find happiness as they are waiting for the next election to decide their faith in new and better governance.

Now, on a different level let’s see it from a different perspective, truth be told money is the happiness everyone is searching for with good health. If you will agree with me, your daily routine money is involved, for you to get yourself certain things to keep you going it has to do with legal tender.

so when we talk about money as a major factor/player on how to be happy not just in Nigeria, it is a significant point although it can not buy life but trust me and believe me it goes a long way.

However, everyone’s opinion is valid in every argument, we will move on to present to you the few steps we discovered after some research on how to be happy in Nigeria only here on Glass Suite.

Steps On How To Be Happy In Nigeria

Balance Work And Fun

Most individuals focus all their time and energy on work, which is very beautiful because putting in much work results in more productivity. While in college the more you read/study the better your result will be, not having fun/playtime has a way of affecting our social life as we become anti-social.

However, how to be happy in Nigeria as a working-class person balancing work and fun, then it all has to do with your planning. Just like you plan your day/budget you have to include having fun/play-time to it, especially if you are the type that doesn’t indulge in fun activities often.

Just like happiness is relative, every human being has what they do for fun, so you must create time out of your busy schedule to enjoy yourself because all work and no play makes jack a dull boy this applies to every human being.

Make Relaxation A Priority

Wealthy people don’t sleep at night, I think this statement is an idiomatic expression because wealthy folks sleep like no other even in the afternoon.

Come to think of it, imagine you have a lot of money you could travel to any part of the world and your health is good, and you have fewer worries so what then is stopping you from sleeping?

The point is you need rest after a long stressful day/week to help your body recover, creating time for relaxation is a form of therapy and it is one means you can save yourself from breaking down.

Be Around Happy Individuals

How to be happy in Nigeria, not everyone grew up around happiness and people are literally happy even when they don’t have all it takes but they are just grateful and happy.

For you to be happy in Nigeria you need to surround yourself with happy friends, people who can naturally make you laugh while having a conversation.

With happy people around you, a day would go by without you remembering your difficulties, this way you can be happy in Nigeria.


When you go for an interview, this question is always recurrent, this should be because it is part of everyone’s life and should be checked. Your hobby could be anything that you are passionate about, Football, Music, Gaming, Dance, Reading, and lots more.

Courteous Habits

How to be happy in Nigeria, try to make optimism a lifestyle be thankful all the time, and always appreciate people for what they have done for you.

Good emotion/impression and optimism don’t happen in just a day, you have to practice modesty to archive this level of productivity.

Happiness does not come for free you have to invest in little things to enjoy being happy at this level, for individuals to acknowledge your selflessness and your good intentions towards the community.

Eat Right

A balanced diet is not only good for your health but also contributes to your being happy in Nigeria, when you are hungry everything seems to be upside down.

How to be happy in Nigeria you must have a balanced diet, to improve your system and you can’t be on an empty stomach and be feeling excited.

Speaking from experience, most individuals don’t have what it takes to eat right on a daily basis but they eat what they can provide and still carve out happiness.

However, you don’t have to eat/buy all the food in the world to be happy, but just enjoy what you can afford and derive happiness afterward.


Currently, there are so many ships floating on the river of friendship, speaking of friendship we are not talking about boyfriend and girlfriend.

Build friendships with people who have your interest at heart and value them because your friends are the ones you could tell some silly thing you did and they will give you some advice when you need it.

However, out of sight out of mind, this statement is true to some extent, but to your family it doesn’t work that way as no one forgets their family, so fuel your friendship with communication and support.

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