Updated Steps on How to Block ATM Card in Nigeria 2023

How to block ATM card in Nigeria, now you are here in light of the fact that you have lost your ATM card or it has been stolen and you fear that the cash on your Bank account will be moved. You don’t need anything to alter it. Really awful, that it happened to you. Hello, I have uplifting news for you, however.

You can really impede that very ATM card directly from your cell phone in under 15 seconds in case you are quick. Be that as it may, you know many individuals are not in every case quick enough since they are insufficient data about stuff like this. However, this article on how to block ATM cards in Nigeria will assist you.

How to Block ATM Card in Nigeria

How to Block First Bank ATM Card with Code

How to block atm card in Nigeria yes, it’s very simple to block your First Bank ATM card which is known as Verve (Inters witch) without going to the Bank and filling out forms and others. How to block atm card in Nigeria First Bank ATM cards is simple to block.

Pick up your phone and make sure the SIM you registered with First Bank is the one on the phone and send “BLOCK” to 30012. Within 24 hours your ATM card will be blocked and you can’t withdraw or make payment with it again. Now you need to visit any First Bank branch and apply for a new ATM card.

How to Block Zenith Bank ATM Card

  • To block your Zenith Bank ATM card you need to download their mobile app…
  • Log in to the app
  • Click on the menu bar and select Cards and Cheques.
  • Select Deactivate Card under Type and enter a reason.
  • Now click on continue.
  • If you need further assistance, you can contact them via phone call using the following numbers 012787000, 014647000, and 012927000.

How to Block GTB ATM Card (GTB, Guaranty Trust Bank)

How to block atm card in Nigeria, you can block your GTB ATM card through ATM terminals, Internet banking applications, Mobile apps, SMS banking, and or the GTWorld app to block your GTB ATM card through SMS.

Replaced the NUBAN with the 10 digits of your account number linked to the card. You can as well contact GTConnect using the following contacts. 0700GTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 08029002900 to request for your ATM card to be deactivated immediately.

Another alternative is to log on to your Internet banking profile and block your ATM yourself by following the steps below…

  • Click on the Cards icon and then the Card hotlist link
  • Select the Card Number and Request the Reason
  • Input your secret question answer.
  • Now click Continue and input token generated code after that
  • Click Submit.
  • A Pop-up screen option will appear asking you to confirm the deactivation of your ATM card.

How to Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card

To block your Fidelity ATM card is very simple. It does not require any long procedures. How to block atm card in Nigeria all you need to do on your Fidelity ATM is to dial *770*911# on your registered phone and follow the prompts. A list of all your ATM card connected to the account will be displayed and you will be asked to select the particular one you will like to block.

How to Block Stanbic IBTC Bank ATM Card

You can simply block your Stanbic IBTC Bank without visiting their branch by just dialing *909#. After that choose my Bank, choose service request, and finally choose a block card. An alternative simply sends Block card NUBAN to 30909 via your registered mobile number. Replaced the NUBAN with the 10 digits of your account number Link to the card.

How to Block Union Bank ATM Card

To block your Union Bank ATM card text BLOCK CARD NUBAN via SMS to 20123 using the phone number registered on your account. You should replace the NUBAN with the 10-digit of your account number or call customer care; 07007007000.

How to Block Access Bank ATM Card

If you lost your Access Bank Debit Card, call 01 271 2005 and if you lost your Credit Card, call 01 271 2005 immediately to block the card. You can also block your Access Bank ATM Card using their updated mobile bank app called Access More.

How to Block Sterling Bank ATM Card

To block your Sterling Bank ATM Card simply contact them via email at or call them at 070078375464.

How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card

You can block Wema Bank ATM card via the Wema Mobile app or Wema Internet banking solution. You can easily deactivate the card through text messages. Just send CARD ATM OFF to 33352 using your registered number with them.

How to Block Unity Bank ATM Card

If you suspect any fraudulent activity or you lost your Unity Bank ATM Card, you can request them to instantly block your ATM card through a phone call at +2347080666000, +2347057323226, +2347057323227 or you can email them at or visit their official website

How to Block Keystone Bank ATM Card

To block your Keystone Bank ATM Card kindly send them an email via or call them at +234 700 2000 3000.

How to Block UBA (United Bank of Africa)

How to block atm card in Nigeria, for you to block a lost or stolen UBA ATM/Debit Card, simply dial *919*10# from your mobile line that is linked to the Bank account. As an alternative, you can contact UBA to help you out by reaching them at 2347002255822, 0700 225 5822 or you can shoot them an email at

Precaution to Take After Blocking Your ATM Card

The first wise decision to take when you lost your debit card or if it’s stolen is to block it. After that, you should transfer your funds to another bank (Don’t take chances). Contact your bank if you are still finding it difficult to block your ATM card right from your mobile phone. Now it’s time to get a new ATM card and forget about the old one. Most banks will give you another ATM card the same day you apply.


Note, debit card scam is popular these days. Scammers can easily wipe out the entire funds on your account with little information about your debit card. And also people can use your Debit card to shop online without your knowledge if they lay their hand on it, be careful and always report any strange movement in your account to the bank customer care.

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