The Most Effective Method; How To Reset And Activate Gotv Decoder After Payment 2023

The article on how to reset and activate Gotv decoder after payment is a guide to a safe and effective means of activation of your Gotv.

It is accepted that once you buy any Gotv decoder your decoder will be naturally actuated. Yet, now and again it doesn’t come in that route because of their framework and the decoder will neglect to be naturally initiated. 

It happens that occasionally you may see errors like E16 and error E30 after you’ve bought in. Seeing this sort of error essentially implies that you ought to restart your Gotv decoder. 

An error like E16 implies that the device has been separated from power, while error E30, then again, implies that your Gotv decoder has no signal or has been off for a long. 

In the event that you have been dealing with issues in enacting your Gotv decoder, stress less for this article contains the essential data you need to effectively initiate your Gotv decoder whenever neglected to actuate naturally. 

How to Reset And Activate Gotv Decoder After Payment

The Most Effective Method To Reset Gotv With Your Mobile Phone 

There is a simple method to reset Gotv with your cell phone, here’s the straightforward technique: The initial step is to send an SMS that peruses ”Reset *your IUC number*” to the code 4688.

Your IUC is a significant code that recognizes you and contains your customized chronic number that is on your decoder.

You will discover it either on the base end or somewhere near your decoder.  How to reset and activate gotv decoder after payment another strategy that is not

difficult to utilize is by dialing the accompanying fast codes *288*1# utilizing any portable organization in Nigeria. A client care specialist will talk with you quickly. 

How to Reset Gotv Online 

How to reset and activate Gotv decoder after payment. However, so resetting your Gotv isn’t simply limited to your telephone, you can likewise utilize the web to naturally reset your Gotv on the web. We should show you how. 

  • Visit the easy Gotv Africa website
  • Guarantee you pick Nigeria from the national list. 
  • Fill in your exact login subtleties. 
  • Effectively input your name, telephone number, and IUC number. 
  • You will see a rundown of choices, pick ‘Clear your error.
  • Then, at that point select ‘reset device now’. 

Different Ways To Activate Your Gotv 

Fundamentally, there are three manners on how to reset and activate gotv decoder after payment which one can undoubtedly enact his/her Gotv decoder. Which are; 

  • Online Activation 
  • USSD Activation 
  • Instant message Activation Process 
  • Online Activation Method 

Follow The Guidelines To Successfully Activate Your Gotv Decoder Online 

This is a method for initiating your Gotv directly at the accommodation of your home with a device that is fit for web access on how to reset and activate the Gotv decoder after payment. 

  • Visit eazy Gotv Website 
  • Sign in to your Gotv account with your record number and last name 
  • Snap on the exchange box “Clear your error” 
  • Clear the E16 error 
  • Snap on the “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your Gotv decoder. 

USSD Activation Using Phone 

How to reset and activate Gotv decoder after payment follows the Guidelines underneath to Successfully Activate your Gotv Decoder with your Phone similarly as you actuate your Gotv decoder on the web, you can also do it utilizing your cell phone without web access. Sounds wonderful right? 

Dial *288*1# on any organization 

A brief solicitation will come up. It peruses “help from client care” 

You would then be able to talk with the client care agent. 

To Activate your Decoder through Text Message 

How to reset and activate the Gotv decoder after payment, this is like the USSD initiation choice, here you should simply send an instant message to the assigned number as displayed underneath. 

Send ‘reset your Gotv account number to this number, 4688 and there’s nothing more to it. 

Significant: Ensure that your Gotv account number is accessible when making this solicitation. 

NOTE: How to reset and activate Gotv decoder after payment if subsequent to utilizing any of the above-recorded cycles and your Gotv isn’t, in any case, initiated, benevolently contact Gotv by following their string on their authority Twitter or Facebook page mentioning the reset of your decoder. 

The Most Effective Method To Install Your Gotv Decoder 

How to reset and activate Gotv decoder after payment, now connect your decoder to the TV utilizing the Audio and Video (AV) links given.

Connect the GOtenna to the RF IN plug on the decoder. In the event that you have an HDMI link, interface it all things being equal. Interface the force supply unit to the decoder prior to embedding the opposite end into the attachment point.

Then, at that point switch on the wall (Gotv suggests the utilization of a force flood defender). Switch the TV on and press the AV button on the TV controller to go to the proper AV channel.

Following 20 seconds the Gotv logo will show up, trailed by the set-up screen a couple of moments later.

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