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How To Write Final Year Project In Nigeria

The final year project in Nigeria’s higher institution system is important in your final year if you really want to graduate and collect your certificate.

These project topics are distributed to students early enough for everyone to start writing and submit to their various project supervisors for correction.

However, in most cases, the final-year students are usually asked to make research on project topics they can write on and submit for approval by the department.

Literally, the majority of dose topics are mostly declined and you will be given a different project topic by the department.

The topics the system assigns to you will definitely give you a headache, however, Glass Suite has developed this post to make it easier for every final year student how to write a final year project in Nigeria.

How To Write A Final Year Project In Nigeria

In most institutions where you can choose a project and write on that exact topic, then you have to make a smart decision on which project topic you want to indulge in during your final year.

When writing a final year project is usually not stress-free, as you embark on multiple research trying to put together articulated information to present to your department.

Nevertheless, you might want to write on a thesis you have little or more knowledge on, or better still indulge in topics you have an interest in finding out more about.

That way you will feel good carrying out the research at hand because most of us during college were given our topics by the department and we had to blend in and accept the project anyway.

Preliminary Pages Of The Projects

This page is where you get to list out your table of content, and the title of your project which shouldn’t be more than twenty-three words.

Your Declaration is followed by Certification then Acknowledgement, and the list of Figures, in some projects the abstract come in but it is usually at the end of the project.

Depending on the method you were asked to write with, however, the abstract explains the work in the sense that when someone takes a look at your abstract page they literally know what they are about to read.

Chapter One: Background Page

At this point, you will have to be more detailed for anyone reading could engage and want to probe more about your final year project:

  • Background Of The Study
  • Statement Of Problem
  • Research Objectives
  • Research Questions
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Purpose Of The Study
  • Term And Scope Of The Study

Chapter Two: Literature Review

This page is where you get to display your creative ideas for your project work, which includes your conceptual, theoretical, and empirical ideas/review.

In the conceptual aspect is where you state the appealing reason for your investigation in the project research.

Followed by the theoretical aspect where you get to share the historical connection in line with the justification of your work.

At the empirical aspect, you will have to cite your sources and then analyze with better criticism into your project research.

Chapter Three: Methodology Of Final Project

This is where you share with the reader the methods/methodology you applied during the process of your project, in a more detailed context;

  • Your Research Design
  • Population Of The Study
  • Sample And Sampling Technique
  • Instrument For Data Collection
  • Instrument Validity
  • Procedure For Data Collection
  • Method Of Data Analysis

Chapter Four: Result Of Findings

How to write final year project, at this point then you engage the reader with the extreme limit you dragged the hypothesis to and how you tackled questions from chapter one whether they are right or wrong.

However, you should start this chapter in this manner, ”based on findings of data the following was discovered”, you explain how you must have examined the study and found your results.

Chapter Four: Discussion, Conclusion, And Recommendation

This chapter on how to write a final year project is self-explanatory, which is where you analyze the trials and tribulations that gave birth to this study, and likewise the consequences.

At this point in your final year project, you now head over to your conclusion, because everything that has a beginning has an end.

You trill the reader with your discoveries during the cause of this amazing study, making them enjoy the beginning from the last after a whole journey from chapters one to four.


APA method of reference is usually the style most universities accept during final year project work, and you must reference your project properly.

If you recall accurately, project supervisors focus more on this reference part, and your final year project has to be clean of plagiarism at all costs.

Just like we discussed at the beginning how the department rejects topics when you submit, the same scenario is applicable to your project supervisor as he/she has the power to cancel all your work for you to start afresh.

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