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Rundown Of Notorious Armed Robbers In Nigeria’s History

So according to the criminal records of notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history, several well-known Nigerian robbers caused security officers headaches before they were apprehended. 

Those who attacked the surroundings while simultaneously being wealthy, wreaking havoc everywhere they went.

Famous armed robbers have caused chaos in Nigeria at different times and in diverse parts of the country. 

They left a trail of misery and devastation in the wake of their quest for incredibly quick riches to death, property loss, and pain. Now let us take a look at some of these notorious people.

List Of Notorious Armed Robbers In Nigeria’s History

There have been a number of notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history, whose exploits earned them fame. The following is a list of Nigeria’s most feared armed robbers, in no particular order:

Lawrence Nomayagbon Anini

Notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history, first we have Lawrence Anini he was a famous name, and he was regarded as Nigeria’s greatest notorious armed robber, who instilled fear in the minds of the public and was a headache in every location where he operated. 

Anini was termed the “dreaded armed robber” who terrorized Benin City and its vicinities from August to December 1986.

Auto hijacking, bus robberies, and bank robberies were all part of Anini’s gang, which included Monday Osunbor, his deputy, Friday Ofege, Smallie, Henry Ekponwan, Philip Kingsley Eweka, and Alhaji Zegege. 

Inspector George Iyamu, an incompetent police officer who provided the squad with intel, weapons, logistical aid, and protection, helped Anini and his gang reign.

Anini was sentenced to death by firing squad on March 29, 1987. Anini was one of the Nigerian armed robbers assassinated.

Ishola Oyenusi

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Ishola was active. Ishola was a major headache, causing security agents issues when it came to armed robbery. 

Despite this, when Ishola Oyenusi was apprehended, he became Nigeria’s first prominent armed robber. 

Carjackings, bank robberies, and stealing/harassing commuters were among his methods of operation.

Ishola is among the most notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history, note on September 8, 1971, a combined team of police and armed forces shooting brigade murdered Oyenusi and six of his gang associates in Nigeria. His execution is videotaped and shown for all to see.

Monday Osunbor

Monday was the subordinate of the notorious Lawrence Anini. As members of the Anini armed robbery gang, they perpetrated bank invasions, automobile hijackings, and highway robberies in Benin City in 1986. 

The trial of Lawrence Anini has been attached to him, and he is facing charges for his actions. For his crime, he was sentenced to death.

Friday Ofege

In 1986, the Anini gang ravaged Benin, and Ofege was a member of the gang. This marked him as one of the most notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history.

The Anini gang was involved in car hijackings, bank robberies, and bus robberies, among other crimes. 

They were backed up by some unethical cops. At Anini’s trial, the other gang was realized and had to pay for their crimes.

Prince Kingsley Eweka

Eweka was really a member of the Anini gang, which wreaked havoc on the Bendel region, particularly Benin City. 

With the support of shady cops, they carried out bank robberies and carjackings.

The rest of the team was captured and convicted for their crimes following Lawrence Anini’s arrest and subsequent trial in December 1986.

Abiodun Egunjobi (Aka Godogodo)

Another on the list; notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history in the west, we have Abiodun soared from the slums of Abule Egba and become the commander of a robbery gang that menaced Lagos State and the Ogun State regions.

Godogodo and his gang gained notoriety as a result of their illegal activities, landing them on the Police Most Wanted List. 

He was caught on August 1, 2013, after avoiding the cops for more than a decade.

Inspector George Iyamu

Iyamu was indeed a crooked cop who worked for Lawrence Anini’s infamous armed robbery gang. 

Iyamu provided the gang that tormented Benin City, with arms, intel, logistics assistance, and protection. 

During his trial, Iyamu was accused of helping the gang in exchange for money. He was tried and killed by firing squad on March 29, 1987.

Adegoke Shogo

Shogo was born in Offa, Nigeria, in the state of Kwara. On April 5, 2018, he was detained for his part in the well-known Offa quadruple bank robbery and police station attack.

Seventeen individuals were killed in the Offa tragedy, including eight police officers.

Obioma Nwankwo (Aka Osisikankwu)

This is another big name among notorious armed robbers in Nigeria history, Osisikankwu was believed to be the kingpin of Abia’s kidnap gangs.

The abduction gangs had divided the state into zones, with each group in charge of a particular zone. 

When the task force arrived in Abia in September 2010, he went into hiding. The task group launched a manhunt for him. 

On the 12th of December 2010, the Joint Military Task Force assassinated the infamous kidnap kingpin, Obioma Nwankwo, also known as Osisikankwu, who was wanted by the police for alleged kidnapping.

Obinna Elah

Elah was indeed notorious and among the notorious armed robbers in Nigeria’s history and kidnappers who terrorized several areas in Nigeria’s southeast. 

He belonged to Henry Chibueze’s gang, another notorious armed robber. Henry Chibueze and other members of the gang were apprehended after a bungled attempt to escape him from Owerri High Court in February 2017.

Alexander Reuben

Reuben was a part of the armed robbery team that was responsible for the Offa bank robbery, which also encompassed multiple banks, including the police station attack. 

He had previously served his sentence in prison for armed robbery prior to the Offa incident.

Azeez Abdullahi

Azeez is from Kwara state, and he hails from Offa. Azeez was among the armed robbery group that conducted a sequence of bank robberies in Offa, Kwara State, massacring seventeen people and eight police officers from the Owode Division.

Henry Chibueze (Also Known As Vampire)

Henry was notorious in the Southeastern states and encroaching South-south states for his kidnapping and armed robbery operations. 

He was captured in 2015 and confessed to multiple crimes, including murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery.

Isa Jimoh

Jimoh was born in Kogi State town of Okene. In connection with the Offa bank robbery, the legendary armed robber was apprehended.

Kayode Opadokun

After being convicted of armed robbery, Kayode Opadokun was sentenced to eight months in prison. 

He actively participated in Otta’s multiple bank robberies on April 5, 2018, after regaining his freedom. He was arrested once more after that incident.

Prince Ejima Igwedibia (Aka Don Waney)

A major name in the list of notorious armed robbers in Nigerias history is Prince Ejima Igwedibia who was born in Aligu Community, Omoku Rivers State, Nigeria in 1983, as the first child of the Igwedibia family. 

His younger brother, a deadly fellow known as Obataosu, is also a member of his group.

Don Waney’s name strikes the same horror in people’s thoughts as the names of Oyenusi, Anini, Osisikankwu, and Evans. 

From 2015 to 2018, he operated as a cultist and became a member of a Niger Delta militant group in the Orashi region of Rivers State before becoming a major kidnapper.

On the 8th of January 2018, a joint team of military, DSS, and police assassinated Don Waney, his second-in-command Ikechukwu, and one of his commanders in a rented flat in an unnamed village in Enugu State, according to the Nigerian Army’s 6 Division in Port Harcourt.

Adewale Popoola

Popoola was convicted in connection with five bank robberies in Offa. In addition, his gang attacked the Owode Division Police Station, killing eight officers.

Notable Mentions:

  • Evans
  • Henry Ekponwan
  • Isiaka Busari (also known as Mighty Joe)
  • Smallie
  • Allaji Zed Zed (also known as Zegege)
  • Ogochukwu Mbisike (also known as Ogogo)
  • Ifeanyi Nwakwo (also known as 2 mins)
  • Adeniyi Ajayi
  • Okwudi Ndiwe (also known as Derico)
  • Shina Rambo
  • Babatunde Folorunsho
  • Obidiozor Otokoto
  • Kayode Williams


This article about noteworthy armed robbers in Nigerian history is that long. Nevertheless, these are only a small handful of them, because there are thousands more awaiting trial that could not even be listed in this article.

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