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The 10 Largest Yam Producing States In Nigeria

This country has a significant amount of yam producing states, accounting for an estimated 70% of global yam production. As a fact, Nigeria is regarded as the world’s largest yam exporter. 

The indigenous markets in Nigeria are experiencing a boom in yam demand, prompting the delivery of large quantities of yam tubers. This has boosted the commercial viability of agricultural products. 

Consumers purchase yams for their usage, however, there is a market for commercial yam sales. As a result, our post will concentrate on the top yam producers in the country. 

To determine which Nigerian states produce the most yam, you must consider the proportion of this agricultural commodity provided or exported by each Nigerian state.

There aren’t many yam regions, as they’re known, because yam farming necessitates expert knowledge and yam takes about 14 weeks to mature. The soil structure matters and not all states in Nigeria have the best soil for yam farming. 

Top 10 Largest Yam Producing States In Nigeria 

Taraba State

First, on our list; yam producing states in Nigeria, Taraba is Nigeria’s leading yam producer, with 31, 621, 000 metric tons of yam produced in 2005, accounting for about 12.89 percent of the country’s total yam production.

Although Taraba state has over 4 million hectares of fertile land, only roughly 1.5 million hectares are thought to be used for yam production every year. 

This has undoubtedly resulted in the availability of yam produce in the state, as well as on a wholesale basis.

Taraba State is known for its farm commodities, which primarily consist of cassava and yam. Wukari and Danacha are two sites in Taraba state that contribute immensely to the supply of yam in the state.

Adamawa State

The state of Adamawa is located in an area where the cultivation of yam, which is an agricultural essential, is encouraged. The yield of these crops should be plentiful, as some parts of the state are ideal for growing yam planting.

According to the Data Collection, yam volume has increased significantly in Adamawa state making the state a major yam producing state in Nigeria.

Yam output is over 10,000 metric tons, according to the data. Because of the availability of yam, it is now available for wholesale in commercial quantities.

Cross River State

Nigeria’s third-largest yam grower is Cross River. This state produces a lot of yams for its consumption and that of its neighbors. The production of yam is particularly great in the state of Cross River’s northern region. 

The Ogoja region of Cross River State, in particular, has large yam cultivation, helping to make the agricultural product commercially viable.

So, if you’re seeking a place to acquire a large quantity of yam in Nigeria’s south-southern region, head to Ogoja in Cross River State.

Benue State

The state of Benue is well-known for its agricultural products. The majority of the food crops, as well as a commercial quantity of yams, are grown in the state which marks it among the yam producing states in Nigeria.

Benue is also the second-largest yam producer in the country, with 1.5 million tons produced annually. The Zaki Biam yam market, which specializes in the sale of yams, is a well-known market in Benue state.

The market itself is large, with a large supply of agricultural products such as yam. It’s no understatement to suggest that the yam market in Africa is the largest, given the size of the Zaki Biam market.

Nasarawa State

Another of Nigeria’s most important yam-producing states is Nasarawa. Although the state is known for its solid minerals, it also produces agricultural items such as yams in commercial amounts.

Nasarawa State has a rich history of yam production in Nigeria, having previously sent more than 150 tonnes of ‘paper’ yam species to the United Kingdom.

This, along with a host of other yam-related local enterprises, shows that the state is an ideal location for bulk yam purchases.

Niger State

The farming of yam tubers is well-known in Niger state. The state produces a significant amount of Yam.

As a result, a survey was conducted in three yam-producing local government areas (LGA) in the state to determine the frequency of yam output. The chosen local government areas are Bosso, Paikoro, and Shiroro.

The three LGAs produced 2.03 metric tonnes of yam per year, accounting for 10% of Nigeria’s total yam production, according to the survey’s findings. The amount of yam produced in this state is depicted in this graph.

Kaduna State

Another state that produces a lot of yams is Kaduna. This state is in the north-central region of the country. Kaduna is thought to be at an all-time wide in yam production.

The state contributes over 5 metric tons of yam per year. As a result, they’re regarded as the best yam producers in the country.

Plateau State

Plateau State is situated in the north-central part of Nigeria. This state is known for becoming one of the most agriculturally oriented in the country, with abundant natural resources.

Plateau State produces large amounts of yam, which are mostly supplied in local markets.

The state’s yam production is also quite large. Plateau State is one of the main yam-producing states in Nigeria as a result of all of these factors.

Oyo State

Our list of Nigeria’s top yam producers Oyo state is located in the country’s southwest appears to be an agriculturally oriented state.

A percentage of the state’s revenue comes from agricultural products. Oyo State produces roughly 2.4 metric tonnes of yam each year. This places them among the best yam producers in the country.

Enugu State

In Enugu’s commercial markets, a large amount of yam is sold. In terms of metric tonnes, the state produces a substantial amount of yam. Enugu has a vast amount of areas allocated to the cultivation of yams.

People can also buy commercial quantities of yam from one of the state’s markets. All of these elements lead to the state’s position as one of the top yam producers in the country.


Yam is a typical agricultural product found in almost every market in Nigeria. Given the massive need for farm products, there is a business in this venture.

This article listed the yam producing states in Nigeria, so if you are looking for a location to buy a large quantity of yam then these would be the best places to buy yam in massive amounts. 

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