Top 7 Highest Paid Engineers In Nigeria

Professionals that specialize in certain fields may be able to earn more money like these highest paid engineers in Nigeria. Because big businesses and corporations require a lot of data management, the highest-paying jobs in this field are for people who manage vast amounts of data.

There are many aspects to consider while choosing a specialty, but the pay is surely one of them. Mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, geotechnical, and management engineering, along with hundreds of specializations, include a wide range of jobs in six main fields.

Because engineering is such a difficult profession that requires a wide range of education and skills, some engineers earn significantly more than others. 

The seven highest-paying engineering occupations to consider in terms of the average wage and potential development are listed below.

List Of Highest Paid Engineers In Nigeria

Software Engineers

Advanced computer software developers are on the list of highest paid engineers in Nigeria making between NGN 500,000 and NGN 2,000,000 per month in numerous companies. Also, NGN 60,000 to NGN 100,000 per month at the starting level. 

However, this is contingent on the management team of the company. One may be able to make more money if you work for a foreign-owned company in Nigeria. 

As the highest-paid engineers in Nigeria, software engineers are at the top of the list. Skilled computer engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that our systems perform as expected. 

They’re in charge of creating new computer programs and software, as well as operating systems, and linking them to businesses that use computers on a regular basis. 

Software developers can work for both the government and private businesses. They still have the option of starting and running their own businesses.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is on the list of highest paid engineers in Nigeria and with its many specializations, is possibly the broadest engineering discipline. Mechanical engineers are in charge of locomotive maintenance. 

A top-level mechanical engineer can earn between NGN 400,000 and NGN 800,000 per month in a reputable organization. Especially if he has a number of good degrees and is employed by a large firm. 

In many Nigerian organizations, a mechanical engineer’s starting salary ranges from NGN 70,000 to NGN 100,000. They inspect everything that has to do with engines to ensure that it is in proper functioning order. 

Everything from planes to trains, autos, generators, and more. Because of the increase in the demand for engineers in Nigeria, this group is in high demand number of equipment or locomotives in the country.

Electrical Engineers

On our list of highest paid engineers in Nigeria, electrical engineers are ranked second. Engineers in this category can earn between NGN 500,000 and NGN 1,000,000 in large companies where they would be highly valued. 

Electrical engineers work in both the public and private sectors to generate electricity. They usually work for companies other than electrical firms, wherever their services are needed.

An entry-level electrical engineer at a well-known company can start with a salary of up to NGN 100,000. 

Chemical Engineering

In Nigeria, these specialists are mostly found in FMCG companies. Chemical engineers can work in a variety of industries and have a wide range of employment opportunities.

An entry-level chemical engineer employed by an upper-edge company in Nigeria earns approximately NGN120,000 and NGN200,000 per month. Chemical engineers are another set of highest-paid engineers in Nigeria. 

Chemical engineers are in charge of planning and debugging manufacturing processes for chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and other items.

They are frequently used in heavy industrial plants to boost productivity and product quality while cutting costs.

Civil Engineering

In Nigeria, a senior civil engineer who knows his components might make approximately NGN 500,000 and NGN 1,000,000 Naira per month, this is based on the project. 

The bulk of international civil engineering businesses pays in this manner. The majority of international civil engineering firms charge far more than domestic firms. At the entry-level, they are paid roughly NGN 80,000. 

Architecture and construction are of importance to this group of engineers. They are in charge of, among other things, the construction of highways, drainage, airports, dams, rail tracks, and government buildings. 

Civil engineers are in charge of everything from planning and design to construction and maintenance of these structures. Civil engineers are often employed by businesses and governments to work on both large and small projects.

Network Engineers

The country’s telecommunications industries employ the majority of network or communication engineers.  Without these individuals, staying in touch with our relatives who live in different locations will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

They are the main reason you can ring a pal whenever you want. Network Engineers are in high demand because there are so few of them in the country.

A network engineer at the entry-level earns between NGN 60,000 and NGN 80,000 per year, however, a senior-level professional earns between NGN 300,000 and NGN 400,000.

Production Engineers

This group of engineers is primarily responsible for the manufacture of automobiles and other technologies. They are not quite common in Nigeria because of the country’s current dearth of manufacturing firms. 

In factories that make automobiles, ships, airplanes, generators, and other goods powered by one or more engines, production engineers are among the highest-paid employees. 

In Nigeria, where there are a limited number of these kinds of manufacturing firms, an upper-edge or senior production engineer earns around NGN 400,000 and NGN 500,000 each month.

Highest paid engineers in Nigeria, production engineers at the starting level, Nigerian production engineers earn from NGN 60,000 and NGN 80,000. Over time, this pay increases.


Finally, for highest paid engineers in Nigeria, engineering is a well-paid and respectable job. However, the majority of kids avoid engineering courses because they perceive them to be difficult.

Hardly anything amazing or remarkable, on the other hand, comes so easily. 

In Nigeria, a variety of engineering careers provides high pay and multiple opportunities. Therefore, we actually recommend that you consider either of these well-paying engineering careers.

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