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All Major Sea Ports In Nigeria And Locations 2023 New Update

All major seaports in Nigeria and locations, the Nigerian Ports Authority began working in April 1955 after the execution of the Ports Act of 1954. At the outset, the public enterprise oversaw just the Lagos and Port Harcourt ports while some privately owned businesses dealt with the excess Nigerian ports. 

As well as overseeing load taking care of, quay and berthing offices at the Lagos and Port Harcourt ports, the underlying law additionally gave it the duty of overseeing harbors and ways to deal with all ports in the country. 

All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations By 1963 the firm had developed effectively, it’s anything but a payload transport from Lagos to Port Harcourt and furthermore started digging the Bonny terminal for oil activities. Around the same time, the firm was given a £4.3 million credit stock in London. 

In any case, with the concession project of the federal government, which is pointed toward advancing proficiency through public and private association, the Nigerian Ports, has since 2005, been concise. 

This landlord arrangement game plan as they call it, has cultivated better relationships and a high turn-out of labor and products in and around the Nigerian Port framework either in the Eastern or the consistently bustling Western zone. 

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is a federal government organization that oversees and works the ports of Nigeria. All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations the significant ports constrained by the NPA,

activities of the NPA are completed in association with the Ministry of Transportation (Nigeria) and the Nigerian Shippers’ Council. All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations the Head office of the Nigerian Ports Authority is situated in Marina, Lagos. 

In all major sea ports in Nigeria and locations from 1962 – 1968, under the Nigerian Development Plan, the length of the quays was extended and extra stockrooms and freight dealing with hardware were added.

During the Nigerian Civil War that endured from 1967-1969, just the Lagos Port was working and a few pieces of the port in Port Harcourt were harmed. 

In 1969, another pronouncement added Burutu, Calabar, and Warri ports to its ward. For all major sea ports in Nigeria and locations, the firm assumed responsibility for the Warri port from John Holt and Burutu from UAC.

Be that as it may, by the mid-1970s, the Lagos port was fighting blockage. In 1973, the enterprise went into concurrence with the World Bank to back the development of offices inside the ports. 


During the organization of Olusegun Obasanjo, a ports change program was set up to diminish shortcomings at the ports. The outcome was the concession of around 24 terminals to private administrators for a specific timeframe. 

NPA will keep on going about as the landlord manager and give normal client offices, specialized oversight, and other marine administrations. The private administrators will be associated with the stacking and unloading of cargo. 

Rundown Of All Major Sea Ports In Nigeria And Locations 

Lagos Port Complex 

All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations are the Apapa port in Lagos. Along with the Tin Can Island Port, it serves predominantly Lagos and western Nigeria. The Lagos Port Complex fills in as the major financial way to the country. 

Tin Can Island Port 

All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations, Tin Can Island Port at Lagos were quickly built in 1976 to improve the issues of the 1975 ‘concrete fleet’ emergency. It was authorized on 14 October 1977 at a complete expense of N200 million and contained 10 compartments and 2.5 kilometers of hard quay. 

Calabar Port 

Situated in the southeast corner of the country in Cross River State, All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations Calabar is the home of the Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy.

This is the longest-serving port and furthermore the most established seaport in Nigeria. Port offices are found 55 nautical miles up the Calabar River. 

Delta Port 

All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations Delta Port, Rivers Port, and Onne Port are situated in the petroleum and petroleum gas-creating Niger River Delta district of Nigeria. Delta Port in Delta State incorporates the ports of Warri, Burutu, Sapele, and oil terminals at Escravos and Forcados. 

Rivers Port/Port Harcourt 

All major sea ports in Nigeria and locations, Rivers Port Complex in waterfront Rivers State contains Port of Port Harcourt, Okrika Refined Petroleum Oil Jetty, Haastrup/Eagle Bulk Cement Jetty, Kidney Island Jetty, Ibeto Jetty, Macobar Jetty, and Bitumen Jetty. 

The board of port activities at Port Harcourt itself has been dispatched out to two port administrators, Ports and Terminal Operators, and BUA Ports and Terminal, it’s anything but worked by the NPA. Like Delta State, Rivers State is an important petrol-delivering district of Nigeria. 

Onne Port 

Onne is situated in Rivers State on Ogu Creek close to the Bonny River, 19 km from Port Harcourt; all major sea ports in Nigeria and locations in the port region are situated in three Local Government Areas of Rivers State, Eleme LGA, Ogu-Bolo LGA, and Bonny LGA.

The port comprises two significant offices, the Federal Ocean Terminal and the Federal Lighter Terminal. 

Onne Port has been assigned as an Oil and Gas Free Zone by the public authority of Nigeria; as of now more than 100 organizations have licenses to work at Onne Port, as a monetary-free zone, it’s anything but a center port for oil and gas tasks all through West Africa and Central Africa.

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