Top 10 Best Universities In Africa

These are the currently updated top Best universities in Africa, and be assured every university on this list has been statistically ranked based on their positions in the Best Global Universities rankings.

Each institution was evaluated based on its research performance and its ratings by members of the academic community around the world and in the region and now we present to you the best universities in Africa.

Best Universities In Africa

University Of Cape Town

Best Universities in Africa, according to ranking based on their positions among the best global ranking universities, the University of Cape Town is ranked number one and leading among the top universities in Africa.

South Africa’s oldest university is ranked 103 among the best global Universities with a global score of 69.4 and an enrollment of 21,647 (2021).

The university campus sits is upon the slopes of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak, offering wonderful views, also the university performs well in the academic reputation indicator.

University Of Witwatersrand

Best Universities in Africa Witwatersrand ranked number 2 and 192 in the best global universities with a global score of 62.8 and enrollment of 27,839 in this year’s ranking.

The University of the Witwatersrand also known as (Wits) is another South African institution, with five campuses in urban and suburban Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city.

The university has around 39,950 students and, according to the university’s website, 97 percent of its students find employment within six months of completing their programs.

University Of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch University is actually a public research university established in Stellenbosch, a town located in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The university is also one of the oldest in South Africa and the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa together with the University of Cape Town which received full university status on the same day in 1918.

50 kilometers east of Cape Town, Stellenbosch ranked 321 in the best global universities and 3rd in the best universities in Africa with a global score of 57.2 and an enrollment of 24,525.

University Of Kwazulu Natal

University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) according to Best Universities in Africa Kwazulu ranked 4th and 332 in the best global universities with a global score of 56.5, an enrollment of 34,732.

Kwazulu Natal University is a young university with five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, located in Durban Westville.

University Of Johannesburg

One of the Best Universities in Africa moving remarkably to number 5 and 378 in global universities, with a global score of 54.7 and enrollment of 27,660 this year,

The University of Johannesburg is also one of the youngest universities in South Africa to feature in the World University Ranking having been formed from a merger of earlier institutions in 2005.

Cairo University

Cairo University is ranked 6th Best University in Africa, 427 among the best global universities also a global ranking of 53.2, and an enrollment of 204,412 in the overall world rankings,

however, it earns an impressive 11th place in the Arab regional ranking despite the name of its main campus is actually in Giza, 20km southwest across the Nile from Cairo.

University Of Pretoria

Statistics according to Best University in Africa Pretoria ranked 7th, 444 in the best global universities this year down from 551-560 last year.

South Africa’s University of Pretoria it’s one of the largest universities in the country, with over 52,000 students and seven campuses.

Established in 1908 the university also features in the top 50 of the latest BRICS University Rankings, in 45th place.

University Of Ibadan

According to Best Universities in Africa, the University of Ibadan ranked 8th and 525 among the best global universities, with a global score of 49.5 and no enrollment.

The university was founded in 1932, in short (UI) was the first university to be established in Nigeria. Originally an affiliated College of the University of London, it was granted full independent status in 1962.

It began as a small institution with just three departments in Science, Medicine and the Arts and quickly expanded to become one of the country’s most prestigious higher education institutions,

Today UI comprises thirteen faculties, including Social Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Technology, Law, Public Health, and Dentistry.

Through its graduate network, the University of Ibadan has contributed to the political, industrial, economic, and cultural development of Nigeria,

the history and influence of the University of Ibadan have made it one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. The University of Ibadan is made up of 92 academic departments organized into 17 faculties.

Mansoura University

Mansoura University was founded in 1972 in Mansoura City Egypt and ranks 9th in Best Universities in Africa and 547 in Best Global Universities with a Global score of 48.9 and no enrollment.

It is in the middle of the Nile Delta. It is one of the biggest Egyptian universities and has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt.

The faculty of medicine was founded in 1962 as a branch of Cairo University, in Egyptian ranking its second position.

Addis Ababa University

Addis Ababa University on the list of Best Universities in Africa ranks 10th position, 553 in Best Global Universities, also it a large, highly residential national university in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The university is the oldest school of higher education in Ethiopia.

AAU has thirteen campuses. Twelve of these are situated in Addis Ababa, and one is located in Bishoftu, about 45 kilometers (28 mi) away. AAU has several associated research institutions including the Institute of Ethiopian Studies.

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