How To Earn In Dollars In Nigeria Easy Steps

Basically earning in dollars while in Nigeria is a treasurable idea, not just in dollars but in other world-recognized currencies such as Euro and others.

Ninety-five percent of Nigerians are searching for means how to earn in dollars due to the deplorable state of the country’s currency.

However, as a result, most Nigerians are fleeing the country, making their way overseas in the quest for greener pastures, where the currency is worth it.

Nigerians’ clamor for change years ago has brought upon the country many regrettable damages, pushing its citizens away to resources for their living overseas. Nevertheless, apart from moving to a different country, there are many business ideas,

and jobs you can indulge in and still make an honest living in dollars in Nigeria. Now let us pilot you through those opportunities you could venture into and start making/earning in dollars here on Glassuite.

Tips On How To Earn In Dollars In Nigeria

Youtube Channel

One of the world-leading platforms if not the most rewarding of them all, many individuals engage themselves with making videos of themselves while indulging in a particular activity.

Mostly when they are in a good location, having fun with friends there about, but the secret is do you know those videos could make you money on Youtube?

And the amazing part is Youtube is managed internationally, which means you the creator will earn in dollars from whichever country you are in.

However, the basic requirement is you must have up to one thousand followers and four thousand watch hours on your page.

After these requirements might have been met then your page will start receiving revenue and it is advisable to link a google ad to your channel to make a good profit off your video uploads.

Literally, there is no limit to the amount of income that your channel will be receiving on a daily bases, depending on the amount of traffic/watch hours you receive every month.

Forex Trading

Apart from making a living through youtube, you see this medium is another hot spot for everyone looking for a way to earn in dollars in Nigeria.

The currency exchange platform is a new invention for the new generation to trade and make a living in dollars.

However, you must have proper training before you would want to venture into the market, literally it is not guaranteed that the moment you download any of the forex apps you will start earning in dollars.

Nevertheless, it is like an academic process where you must follow due procedure before you can actually graduate and start taking the risk by yourself.

Professional Website

How to earn in dollars in Nigeria owing a professional website you are on your part way to start earning in dollars as well.

However, this project starts with you getting a domain then it requires time and energy, going into blogging you will consider it a full-time job, with the aim of making your site professional.

How to start earning dollars in blogging you must first, you need to generate original content in your blog post, and optimize your website properly with the aim of attracting organic traffic.

Google Adsense is another tool you must employ on your site before you could start receiving or earning in dollars, although there are lots of monetization platforms that you could apply to.

However, Google Ads has always been the convenient monetization tool that lots of bloggers are working with over time.

Don’t forget Google pays you monthly, that is, you must have a dom bank account to make it possible for Google to pay you in dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

This business can help you earn in dollars in Nigeria, as it is really easy and does not require much stress, affiliate marketing is about introducing different brands to consumers on social media.

However, you would agree with me that there are many products out there waiting to be advertised, so as an affiliate marketer who wants to start earning in dollars you might as well work for multiple organizations.

Freelance Job

Come to think about it there are many apps and sites that post international jobs that would eventually pay you in dollars.

Now, these jobs come in form of contracts, or should we call them contracts head-on, and these jobs are usually for individuals in most fields.

However, as someone intending to indulge in freelancing opportunities to earn in dollars, you must finish each contract you sign up for before your wages would be sent to you as agreed initially.


How To Earn In Dollars In Nigeria is the basic focus of the average Nigerian youth, because we believe that our currency has devalued to a fault.

However, the proper avenue to work while in Nigeria and get a good wage/value for your services is to earn in dollars while in Nigeria.

The price of the naira to the dollar was fair before the recession, but then covid-19 coupled with bad governance brought the naira to the mod.

Nevertheless, the previous administration is winding up by February 2023 hopefully we make a better choice of governance and rescue the naira.

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