Nigerian Ethnic Groups With Cheapest Bride Price (List Of 5)

Nigerian ethnic groups with the cheapest bride price Like other countries or the Western world where we learned many things from as our colonial masters, Nigeria still reserved lots of their culture, tradition, and etiquette in many areas.

However, colonization really took toe on the culture and traditions of the Nigerian people and made modernization recreate most of the culture, but most Nigerian ethnic groups never allowed the modernization to affect the tradition they held so dear to them over time.

Western world kind of marriage is one thing Nigerians really copied from the colonial masters, Nigeria’s method of getting married is known as traditional marriage. However, now after traditional, they still perform white weddings.

However, away from all the colonial history the Nigerian kind of marriage is expensive, yes that’s right it is called traditional meaning you will be performing a lot of traditional rights. In some tribes,

it is said to be cheaper and some are really outrageous this is because some families see it as an avenue of making a profit,

don’t get it wrong the tradition demands that all the rights are met but it is the decision of the family to present what their in-law can afford.

Because they are not selling their daughter it is out of love and coming together not because of the money but on the other hand, some families lack understanding and definitely make the young man

spend a fortune on the bride price and trust me after the marriage the family won’t see or hear from their daughter for a long time because the husband feels he but her for a huge amount and has the right of ownership.

However, keep reading here on Glass Suite, to see the Nigerian ethnic groups with the cheapest bride price, so after that,

you now have to worry about the kind of family she’s coming from if they will cover for you or let the tradition cut your pocket.

Top 5 Nigerian Ethnic Groups With Cheapest Bride Price

Hausa Ethnic Group

Nigerian ethnic groups with the cheapest bride price, note the Hausa ethnic group over time get married at the cheapest rate, and the most religious families get betrothed from a tender age.

They accept such a small amount because they want the infinite blessings of Allah to be with the new couple.

The Hausa tribe’s bride price starts from ‘Rubu Dinar’ which means a quarter kilo of gold and the bride price is known as ‘Sadaki’.

Fulani Ethnic Group

This tribe has different settlements cut across West Africa they have their own language known as Fulfulde which is more like Hausa they interact similarly in common French.

The Nigerian ethnic group with the cheapest bride prices, the Fulani tribe are majorly Muslims, and they have everything in common with the Hausa people also the same marriage procedures, and cheap bride prices as well.

Yoruba Ethnic Group

This tribe is very prestigious in nature they hold their culture and tradition so high till now, one of the Ooni of Ife was the first governor of the western part of Nigeria who traveled to England after the colonization.

The Yoruba culture is very big and their tradition I’d say is one stronghold for them, the Yoruba man values their girl child more than the bride price when it comes to marriage because they don’t want to sell their child they understand the concept of marriage as love and unity, not the other way round.

The Yoruba tribe bride price starts from NGN 5,000 also, as little as it seems the bride’s parents give it back in most cases to their daughter to assist the new home as the culture demands.

Urhobo Ethnic Group

The Urhobo tribe in Delta state has one of the cheapest bride prices in Delta state, but the traditional right might be huge if not more but it all depends on the family your future wife is hailing from actually. The Urhobo bride price value is NGN 120 and you might still get some change if you plead properly.

Onitsha Ethnic Group

Onitsha is a metropolitan city in Anambra state, in the eastern part of the river Niger. The Igbo are known for huge celebrations just like the culture,

and they value their children a man is not yet known in the community until he has male and female children, so for the Onitsha people, their bride price ranges from NGN 40 as the case may be.

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