10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria

Most beautiful cities in Nigeria take note, there are 36 states in the country but there are also major and beautiful cities in it. However, Glass Suite has covered in this article: the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

Also, Nigeria as a country is blessed with diverse resources ranging from human resources, good weather conditions, fertile soil for agriculture, and natural tourist attractions.

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria


Owerri is the capital of Imo State in Nigeria, set in the heart of Igboland. It is also the state’s largest city, the state hosts a number of tourist attractions like the Oguta Lake, Mbari Cultural and Art Center, Ada palm plantation, etc.

Most beautiful cities in Nigeria this part of the country also has commendable nightlife and is home to some luxurious real estate properties.


The most beautiful cities in Nigeria, Akure is a city in southwestern Nigeria and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State.

The city had a population of 484,798 as of the 2006 population census. The city has the Federal University of Technology, Akure which ranks as one of the best Universities of Technology in Nigeria.


Delta State is an oil and agricultural-producing state in Nigeria. It is situated in the region known as the South-South geo-political zone.

Warri got high attention and it comes as the most populous city in the states, even given more attention and developmental focus than Asaba.

The city has tourist attractions such as National Museum, Owerri, Mbari Cultural, Art Center, Oguta Lake, Nekede Zoo, Owerri Mall, Dan Anyiam Stadium, Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri Amusement Park, etc.


Enugu usually referred to as Enugu State to distinguish it from the city of Enugu, is a state in southeastern Nigeria, created in 1991 from part of the old Anambra State.

The most beautiful cities in Nigeria Enugu is the capital and the largest city is Enugu, from which the state derives its name.

The city has an amazing road network and plays host to lots of eventful tourist attractions such as Enugu Museum, Enugu Golf Course, Milken Hills, Ezeagu Tourist Complex, Awhum Cave, and Waterfall, Ngwo Caves and Waterfall, Opi Lake Complex, Polo Amusement Park.


Most beautiful cities in Nigeria, Kaduna State is a state in northern Nigeria, the city of Kaduna is the 8th largest city in the country It was created in 1967 as a north-central State, which also encompassed the modern Katsina State, Kaduna State achieved its current borders in 1987.


Lagos sometimes referred to as Lagos State to distinguish it from Lagos metropolitan area, Lagos is a state located in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Most beautiful cities in Nigeria Lagos State is the most economically important state of the country and Victoria Island the financial center of the metropolis, is known for its beach resorts, boutiques, and nightlife.

To the north, Lagos Island is home to the National Museum Lagos, displaying cultural artifacts and craftworks. Nearby is Freedom Park, once a colonial-era prison, now a major venue for concerts and public events.

Port Harcourt

The city is occupied with industrial activities, with a large number of tourist attractions in the country, some of the tourist attractions to explore in the city include Port Harcourt Tourist Beach, Bonny Island, Port Harcourt Zoo,

Port Harcourt city mall, Mile one street market, Bole King restaurant, Port Harcourt golf club, Rivers State Museum, Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, and Isaac Boro Park.

The most beautiful cities in Nigeria Port Harcourt also called “Pitakwa” is the capital and largest city of Rivers State, Nigeria.

It is the fifth-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, and Benin city, it lies along the Bonny River and is located in the Niger Delta.


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, in the middle of the country. The skyline of the city, which was built largely in the 1980s, is dominated by Aso Rock, an enormous monolith.

It rises up behind the Presidential Complex, which houses the residence and offices of the Nigerian president in the Three Arms Zone on the eastern edge of the city.

There are many recreational centers, five-star hotels, and world-class shopping malls all over the city.


Calabar is a port city in southern Nigeria, near the Cameroon border. The capital of Cross River State sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta.

British colonial architecture fills the city’s older sections, including Henshaw Town, Duke Town, and the waterfront area.

Most beautiful cities in Nigeria in Calabar are some of the tourist attractions in the city include the National Museum, Calabar, Slave Museum, Drill Rehabilitation Center,

Cross River National Park, Kwa Waterfalls, Chief Ekpo Bassey’s House, Mary Slessor’s House, Statue of Mary Slessor, Tortuga Island, and the Tomb of Mary Slessor, etc.

The city’s delicious Edikaikong Soup is unarguably the most sought-after soup in the country, not only because of its great taste but because as the name translates, Edikaikong simply means vegetable soup.


Uyo is the state capital of Akwa Ibom, South-South Nigeria. It became the capital on September 23, 1987, when Akwa Ibom State was created from the former Cross River State.

Tourist sites in the city include Ibom Connection, Ibom Plaza, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, National Museum of Colonial History,

The Amalgamation House, Godswill Obot Akpabio International Stadium, Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Kilimanjaro Restaurant, and Ibeno Beach.

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