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List Of 10 Best Vegetable Oil Brands In Nigeria

Vegetable oil brands in Nigeria, note in this part of the world, the most popular and well-known vegetable oil (also known as groundnut oil) brands adhere to industry requirements.

Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as lower cholesterol levels, are found in these items, which help to keep the heart in excellent shape.

With this in mind, you can be confident that the firms mentioned below will provide you with the best vegetable oil available.

Top 10 Best Vegetable Oil Brands In Nigeria 

Power Oil

Without a doubt, Power Oil is the best vegetable oil brand available in Nigeria today. The overview of affordable, healthy cooking oil to the Nigerian market has been aided by Power oil.

The general misconception in Nigeria was that packaged oil, which was thought to be healthier, was expensive and only available to the wealthy.

This saw the introduction of Power Oil in a 50-cent sachet, as well as another size.

The offer was not only cost-effective but also healthy, as it contained “Zero Cholesterol” and “Zero Trans-fat,” and it was unique in the Nigerian market.


Mamador is a heart-healthy cooking oil that produces delectable dishes. It is cholesterol-free and includes Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, both of which have been proven to help keep the heart in good shape.

It has been triple-filtered to ensure a beautiful golden hue and the removal of all pollutants, making it 100 percent pure.

Because it contains Vitamins A and E, Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil is a healthier option for regular cooking.

Grand Soya Oil

The Grand Soya Oil is a premium soya oil. Grand Pure Soya Oil is a Nigerian icon brand and the country’s leading edible oil.

Cholesterol-free Grand Pure Soya Oil Consumers maintain a heart-healthy way of life.

Because it is made completely of soya beans that have been carefully selected for their high quality, this product is cholesterol-free.

Devon Kings Oil

Devon King’s cooking oil is a high-quality cooking oil that has been sold in Nigeria for over 50 years and is a well-known brand among Nigerians. 

While staying true to its origins. Devon Kings’ worth has risen as a result of its production in Nigeria.

Devon King’s cooking oil is produced and packaged in a world-class, clean production environment to ensure that your cooking oil isn’t polluted. As long as the package’s seal stays intact.

Nosak Famili Vegetable Oil

Nosak Famili Oil is a nutrient-dense, low-calorie food. Pure vegetable oil has been demonstrated to be the healthiest sort of oil, and it should be included in our daily meals.

When cooking, substitute Nosak Famili Vegetable Oil for animal-based fats to maintain a heart-healthy diet. Contributing to the reduction of the danger of coronary artery disease.


Camela is a company that produces palm by-products and vegetable oil. They have 31 years of experience and only sell oil and palm by-products that are grown naturally.

They make every effort to remember that addressing the dietary requirements of their growing number of devoted customers is critical.

Camela is a neutral-tasting vegetable oil that is 100 percent organic. It’s ideal for all-around cooking, as well as high-heat sautéing and frying. In industrial baking, it also works well as a trans-fat alternative.

Activa Vegetable Oil

SNF Foods Limited makes high-quality Activa pure vegetable oil. Activa pure vegetable oil is made to exact standards and supplemented with important vitamins to promote a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no surprise that this oil was developed specifically for you. This Activa product is cholesterol-free and made completely of soya beans that have been hand-picked for their superior quality. 

Envoy Oil

Envoy Oil, the parent company of Envoy Group, is a Nigerian limited liability company that was established on March 18, 1998.

Envoy Oil operates a refinery and fractionation plant with a 60,000-tonne-per-year capacity. Palm Stearin, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Olein, Soybean Oil, and other vegetable oils are produced by the Envoy Group’s Oil division.


Presco oil is a fully integrated agro-industrial complex that includes oil palm farms, a palm oil mill, a palm kernel crushing plant, and a refining and fractionation plant for cooking oils.

It also has an olein and stearin packaging factory, as well as a biogas plant to treat waste from its palm oil mill. It’s way ahead of its time in West Africa. 

Vino Vegetable Oil

All of these goods, including Vino Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Vino Pure Refined Vege Oil, Palm Olein, Vino Soya Bean Oil, and Vino Palm Stearin, come in a variety of quantities and are easily obtainable in Nigeria’s major markets and supermarkets.


Industrial-based oils have been utilized throughout history, and various fats and oils have been employed by numerous societies both vegetable and mineral precisely.

Vegetable oil, as a result, has traditionally been recognized as one of the most important resources.

Vegetable oil has become more widely available as a result of commercialization in the twenty-first century.

Moreover, these vegetable oil companies offer consumable vegetable oils for cooking, frying, and a range of other uses in the kitchen.

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