10 Best Job Sites In Nigeria Fast And Reliable

Best Job Sites in Nigeria, in this article Glass Suite has ranked the job sites mainly focused on the values they offer to job seekers.

All job sites post jobs on their websites but only a few add extra value to customers free of charge or at small fees.

As job seekers, we hope you will enjoy learning about these top ten and take advantage of their services.

10 Best Job Sites In Nigeria

Jobs Delon NG (Jobs .delon .ng)

Best Job Sites in Nigeria Jobsdelon is the No:1 job site in Nigeria because they have the most diverse database of jobs in Nigeria and they provide several free services to students,

recent graduates, and small businesses, these services include a weekly live webinar on finding jobs in Nigeria on YouTube.

For college students and fresh graduates, free CV writing services for some job seekers every month, as well as free recruitment services for small businesses.

Through their blog, Delon Jobs also publishes job articles and business articles to enlighten job seekers and small business owners.

Jobber Man (Jobberman .com)

This is a very popular job site in Nigeria but they do not offer as many free services as they used to, they have grown significantly in recent years by dealing a lot with large businesses.

On, you will find several IT jobs in Nigeria, business development jobs, marketing jobs, etc. So to get good service from this job site, you should do your best to create a good candidate profile.

Indeed .com

Best Job Sites in Nigeria Indeed is not a local job site but continues to rank high when people search for jobs in Nigeria, It’s one of the biggest job sites across the world, and because of the power of its aggregator engine, they are able to publish high paying Nigerian jobs.

Since many Nigerians are always very interested in learning about high-paying jobs from large businesses, this job site remains a very important site to add to our list of top 10 job sites in Nigeria.

My Job Mag (Myjobmag .com)

This is a high-ranking job website by Google and the extra values they offer are features for salary research and company review.

The salary feature is a very significant value because many job seekers are very curious to find out about the salary range in many companies and industries before they start their application process.

Job List Nigeria (Joblistnigeria .com)

Best Job Sites in Nigeria, Job List Nigeria is a provider of recruitment resources committed to connecting individuals and job Seekers to organizations and employers.

They also provide information on scholarship opportunities, and internships for both undergraduate, graduate, and training.

Job Gurus (Jobgurus .com .ng)

This site has made this list because it has some unique services that many other job websites in Nigeria do not have. They have a feature for free online aptitude test practice,

and this clearly indicates that they want to add great value to the job seekers visiting their website. If you are a student or recent graduate, this is a very important service you should take advantage of.

Hot Nigerian Jobs (Hotnigerianjobs .com)

Hot Nigerian Jobs is one of the oldest job sites in Nigeria and they are consistently posting many good Nigerian jobs on a daily basis one extra value you can

quickly see on their website is the banner that displays sections for today’s jobs, yesterday’s jobs, and so on. This helps job seekers to quickly see what was posted yesterday and a few days ago.

NG Careers (ngcareers .com)

Best Job Sites in Nigeria, this is a high-ranking job website in Nigeria according to Google ranking, they do not really have many extra values like the other job websites listed above,

they focus a lot on posting many jobs, and they do it well, you will regularly find many recent jobs in Lagos on their homepage.

Job Zilla (Jobzilla .ng)

They make sure of their users and they go the extra mile to ensure job seekers don’t get defrauded by cross-checking vacancies to avoid scams.

This website has a good social media presence, and for starters, you’ll find useful latest employment opportunities and scholarships.

NGR Jobs (ngrjobs .com)

This is a job site in Nigeria that regularly posts the latest job opportunities in Nigeria on a daily basis, it publishes job vacancies that range from experience to graduate and internship positions.

Mostly their published jobs are usually required for little or lesser experienced individuals.   

Note: This article herein Glass suite best job sites in Nigeria, now these sites are the most popular in the country but that doesn’t mean they are the only good and reliable job sites available, just that they are highly ranked and recognized. 

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