Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos

The cheapest Areas to Live in Lagos, we surveyed, and here are the areas for 2021 as the cost of living in these areas is affordable compared to other parts of Lagos.

Lagos is the commercial center of Nigeria and the most populated state, Now these factors combine making it very expensive, but still, there are cheap Areas to Live in Lagos.

List of Cheapest Areas to Live in Lagos


Cheapest areas to live in Lagos Bariga is considered a rough place to live in but that depends on the area, Bariga is a considerably good place to live in things have changed companies now find it wise to have branches there

It’s a place where you find whatever you need for food, clothing, and even fun. Also, it is close to the University of Lagos.

Note if you cannot get a place in Yaba, then living in Bariga is also an option. Bariga may just be more expensive than the other locations.


On the list of cheapest Areas to Live in Lagos Meiran, you can get a standard three-bedroom flat for as low as 250,000 naira and a studio apartment for at least 150,000 naira or less depending on your specifications.

One of the factors that make that part of Lagos less expensive is the traffic congestion in the area and its close proximity to Sango Ota, Ogun state makes the cost of rent in that area affordable.


cheapest Areas to Live in Lagos, the cost of renting an apartment in Badagry is a little different from Meiran, a standard three-bedroom flat in that location can’t be more than N300,000 and self-contain at the rate of N150,000. Note this because Badagry is so far away from the Lagos metropolis.

Badagry is a good place to retire, tourists, and adventure it is a coastal town with a rich history there you will see the first-story building in Nigeria, and also was the slave trade town.


Ikorodu ranked in the cheapest areas to Live in Lagos, this area is still developing also one can buy land in this area In recent times there has been an increasing migration of people into Ikorodu because properties in this area are affordable.

Note the crime rate in Ikorodu is high with the traffic jam leading to Ikorodu rush hours. Ikorodu shares a boundary with Ogun state and is located along the Lagos Lagoon.

Iju-Ishaga, Agege

Agege is the most congested and cheapest areas to Live in Lagos because this location harbors other smaller areas like Iju and Ishaga where rent is considerably cheap.

Living in this location is unsafe as it ranked in the top 5 unsafe areas in Lagos also flooded each time it rains.

Now the good thing about this place is its affiliation with the popular ‘Agege bread’ also has a stadium that hosts the Lagos Premier League.


It is difficult to see a standard house in Mushin but when you find it should still be more affordable than most locations on the mainland, and if you are not the ghetto type you should rethink before getting an apartment in this area.

cheapest areas to Live in Lagos and also not safe, Note Mushin is one of the dangerous areas in Lagos you shouldn’t be at night, though the big ‘M’ city has other fine areas and has also produced bundles of talent and men of integrity.


Epe is located on the northern side of the Lekki Lagoon most individuals in Lagos are not aware of this area because very little activity going on there.

The thing about living in Lagos is that the farther a place is from the island and the mainland the cheaper the cost of accommodation and trust me, Epe being close to Lekki is the only reason the area might as well be more expensive than places like Meiran or even Badagry.

Ayobo / Ipaja

If you are looking for a low-budget apartment and cannot afford a place in Surulere or Iyana Ipaja and you still want to stay around it will be best you move to Ayobo or Ipaja.

The cost of renting apartments here is cheap and quite affordable. You can get a two-bedroom flat here for as low as N200,000 naira.

Ketu / Mile 12

cheapest areas to Live in Lagos, not much difference between both locations and they are relatively cheap to live in.

However, living in Ketu or Mile 12 rarely shows class but then if you cannot afford to stay in Ojota then Ketu or Mile 12 is another option. Note there are ethnic clashes in the area making living in the area a risky option.


One major disadvantage of living in this location is the massive traffic gridlock. Though you can rent a 2-bedroom apartment for as low as 250,000 naira, you may have to spend more time on the road.

Note: The above locations are the cheapest areas to Live in Lagos, In this part of the city landlords are known for price inflation especially when it is a new house that also depends on the area.

Now For those boujee class, you might want to look at areas like Lekki, Banana Island, Victoria Island, Victoria Garden City, Ikoyi, Ikeja GRA, Surulere, and Omole Estate.

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