NYSC Allowance, List Of States In Nigeria That Pay Youth Corpers

NYSC Allowance; The federal government of Nigeria pays Corp members N33,800 monthly for the period of a one-year youth service program in the country.

According to news on social media, the federal government is planning on increasing the NYSC allowance in 2021 but still hasn’t seen any update concerning this on social media.

For some reason most states pay and some do not pay Corp members’ NYSC allowance, and for states that pay it ranges from N1,500 to N10,000.

Note to earn extra money, it’s either you’re at the mercy of your PPA or you get another place to work extra time. 

List Of States That Pay NYSC Allowance To Youth Corpers

Anambra State

Anambra State is the highest paying state in Nigeria, they pay N8,500 monthly to Corp members serving in public establishments, and this payment is different from the N33,800 paid by the Federal government.

Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom state pays N5,000 NYSC Allowance monthly to Corp members deployed to their state who are working in a public establishment.

Abia State

NYSC Allowance, Abia state pays N5,000 as well and it is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria which is mostly dominated by the Igbo ethnic group.

Jigawa State

NYSC Allowance, Jigawa State pays N5,000 monthly also the state pays N1,000 monthly to non-medical Corp members and pays N53,000 monthly to Doctors (Medical and Veterinary) while other health workers are paid N26,500 monthly.

Delta State

Delta state allocates to Corp members working in a public establishment, N5, 000 NYSC Allowance every month, and the state is located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Zamfara State

NYSC allowance Zamfara state located in the northwestern part of the country pays N3, 000 monthly to all Corp members.

Nasarawa State

This state currently pays N5,000 monthly via table payment, NYSC allowance in the state Corp members serving in the state’s institutions get much at the end of the month.

Bayelsa State

Bayelsa state is situated in the south-south zone of Nigeria also known as the Niger Delta NYSC allowance the state pays the sum of three thousand naira only N3,000 every month to those in towns and N5,000 to Corp members whose PPA is close to the river rime areas.

Osun State

Osun is a state in Yoruba land Its NYCS allowance is N5,000 monthly to all Corp members working in the region, excluding the N33,800 the federal government allocates to all Corp members in the country.

Katsina State

State NYSC allowance Katsina pays corpers N4,000 monthly and it’s located in the northwest zone of Nigeria.

Oyo State

Oyo state is among the most populated states in the southwest and pays N4,000 NYSC Allowance monthly and it’s very regular.

Sokoto State

Sokoto is a northern state in Nigeria that Corp Members don’t like to serve. NYSC allowance the state pays corpers working in a public establishment, N3, 750 monthly, but you’ll only be able to receive it at the end of your service year a total of N45,000 will be paid to your account.

Enugu State

States NYSCY allowance Enugu state pays N1,000 every month to corpers in the town (Enugu North, Enugu East, and Enugu South) and N3,500 to those serving in local areas/villages.

Lagos State

Lagos state likes doing things differently, standing out, and making waves. The state has a policy, unlike other states in Nigeria.

From a reliable source, Lagos state pays NYSC allowance to the first 100 lucky corpers to be registered for the NYSC scheme; i.e. N15, 000 monthly to some lucky ones who are serving in public schools and N10,000 monthly to the lucky ones serving in the state secretariat the rest are paid N5, 000.

However, for you to be eligible you need to be among the first 100 lucky corpers, immediately you’re given your PPA letter, hurriedly rush to Alausa Secretariat, at the Ministry of special duties to have your number, cause it’s a slot and it’s strictly on the first to come, first to serve basis and note, this state is home to some of the richest people in Nigeria…

Taraba State

NYSC allowance Taraba state pays Corp members working in public establishments N6,000 monthly.

Note this article is updated in case you are looking for an NYSC allowance-paying state, it contains the current list of Nigeria paying states.

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