Top 5 Best Selling Snacks in Nigeria 2023

Glass Suite brings you an amazing article Best selling snacks in Nigeria, these are foods that we don’t eat at mealtimes. Several foods fall within this category when viewed in this light. Snack foods are foods that are commercially prepared and packaged by huge corporations.

Surprisingly, many Nigerians are abandoning this trend in favor of locally produced snacks eaten in between meals.

These foods are light enough to eat while driving, as side dishes, or during hangouts. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the things we eat are actually snacks. However, the question now is what are the best selling snacks in Nigeria and what do they cost each?

Best Selling Snacks in Nigeria and Prices

Best selling snacks in Nigeria, it’s tough to declare which snack is the best, given the wide variety of options available nowadays.

There is such a diverse range of snacks available, from those manufactured locally to those produced by major commercial enterprises.

We understand how tough it might be to find out their costs. This is why we took on the task of compiling the following list:

  • Moi-Moi: From N350 – 550
  • Gala Sausage Roll: N80 – N100 per roll
  • Plantain chips: N50 – N150
  • Akara: N100 per cake
  • Meat pie: From N500

The snacks listed above are among best selling snacks in Nigeria. Their costs are fairly consistent, however, they may fluctuate depending on a variety of circumstances.

Raw material pricing, production costs, government policies, and geography are all examples of such influences. Aside from these characteristics, these products are priced similarly across the country. Let’s look at each of these snacks in more detail.

Rundown of Best Selling Snacks in Nigeria

When you consider how much stress we face on a daily basis, eating three times a day may not be enough to meet our energy requirements. Snacking in between meals is one answer to this problem.

Many of these snacks are nutritious and contain a variety of nutrients that keep the body well-nourished. We’ll take a deeper look at the snacks on our list above in this section here are the best selling snacks in Nigeria.

Gala Sausage Roll

First on best selling snacks in Nigeria is the Gala Sausage Roll which is one of Nigeria’s most popular snacks. Gala has to be seen if you’ve ever traveled by road or been trapped in traffic.

A mixture of wheat flour and meat sausage is used to make this snack. It’s tasty and promises to keep you going in between meals. The snack is made up of a pure beef filling wrapped in a rice-wheat pastry.

Gala can be eaten right when you open the red and yellow wrapper with a drink or a bottle of water. Is there any benefit to eating Gala Sausage Roll in terms of health?

Of course first and foremost, because of the beef filling, this snack is high in protein you can increase your muscle mass and mend your bodily tissues by eating gala.

The filling is also rich in iron which protects you from anemia. Finally, it contains a healthy amount of minerals as well as a lot of fiber.


Moi-Moi is among best selling snacks in Nigeria and also a portion of Nigerian street food because it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, some people don’t consider it a snack.

We classified it as a snack because it may be consumed on the go and is often offered on the road. This food is high in protein and fiber because it is prepared from beans.

It also increases your energy levels and keeps you full for longer periods of time. It is advised for weight loss because of its ability to fill you up.

Aside from weight loss and protein content, Moi-Moi has a number of advantages. Moi-Moi contains a healthy amount of insulin that is helpful for diabetic patients.

This snack also possesses strong antioxidant capabilities. It improves digestive health because of its high fiber content.

You can eat Moi-Moi alone or have it with pap, custard, or oats. Also, you can have it alongside any kind of rice while some people eat it with bread.

Plantain Chips

Just like Gala Sausage Roll, plantain chips are sold in traffic. This snack is produced by several companies in Nigeria. They can be made from ripe or unripe plantain,

whichever is just as delicious as possible and do you know that eating plantain chips is very healthy? This snack contains a high amount of calories to provide your body with sufficient energy to carry out daily tasks.

This snack is one of the best selling snacks in Nigeria, also plantain chips contain a small amount of protein and very little fat. This snack offers you both vitamins A and C to maintain skin health and boost your immune system. You can eat your plantain chips with water or take a drink to step down.


A bean-based snack called Akara is another option, this popular local delicacy can be found in all parts of the country and is typically served with pap for breakfast.

Akara is a type of bean cake that can be served with bread, or custard you can always get Akara from the woman on the side of the road who fries them it’s preferable to eat it when it’s still hot.

Akara, like Moi-Moi, is among best selling snacks in Nigeria, Akara is a fiber snack as a result, it’s fantastic for weight loss because it keeps you feeling full for a long time.

It’s also high in protein and can help you avoid heart disease because Akara is manufactured from beans, it has a healthy quantity of insulin, making it ideal for diabetics also, it aids digestion while providing protection.

Meat pie

Best selling snacks in Nigeria the meat pie is a popular food, meat pies can be purchased from a roadside seller or from a high-end restaurant. It doesn’t matter where you get your meat pie from; it always has that delicious flavor. Meat pie is high in nutrients, making it suitable for human consumption.

For starters, it includes meat, which is a good source of protein. Because of the various condiments present, it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. This snack is high in fiber and keeps you full for a long time, making it ideal for weight loss. With your meat pie, you can have a drink or a glass of milk.

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