Top 5 Bookshops In Myanmar

Bookshops in Myanmar, this article is basically for starters, travelers, and book lovers everywhere and especially those in Myanmar, this piece is for you, to find the best places to get good literature, historical and modern books that will help keep you entertained and informed.

There is something really exciting about the bookshops in Myanmar, the fact that they have books that talk about civilization and also enable you to understand Myanmar culture better.

Bookshops in Myanmar there are book centers in Bagan and Yangon shopping malls and also standalone bookshops.

5 Bookshops in Myanmar

Here is the list of the top 5 bookshops in Myanmar, if you are a book lover you will like these book stations, you get to find really exciting books.

Innwa Bookstore

Innwa Bookstore is in Yangon, once known as Rangoon, Innwa Bookshop has a collection of books for readers. Bookshops in Myanmar some of the best collections include English language books, foreign magazines, and some new letters.

The bookshop is not so big but is assured to find really enlightening books, the bookshop offers coffee as you read your book and the book center is well decorated to give you the comfort you need to read your books, a really serene environment.

There is nothing more exciting for a reader than finding a safe quiet space to study.

Bagan Book House

Bagan in Yangon is considerably one of the best bookshops in Myanmar with a variety of collections, English books based on Myanmar and Southeast Asia history, with a friendly store owner and keeper well informed about the looks and is always willing to make suggestions for amazing books to readers.

Bookshops in Myanmar Bagan Book House has a great specialty on Burmese classics, the George Orwell collection, and a notable amount of literature and books of the Myanmar country.

You can also enjoy some good music since the owner is kind enough and is also a guitarist.

Bookworm Books

Bookshops in Myanmar, Bookworm Books is in Yangon, the store lives up to its name as it draws ‘bookworms’ of all ages and from different countries to the place.

Just as the name implies, there are a lot of people who are considered bookworms due to how passionate they are about reading. Bookworm Books is one of the most comprehensive and biggest bookshops in Yangon.

It presents readers with both new and fairly used books at the best prices, its collection includes literature for preschoolers, adults, and teenagers.

Bookshops in Myanmar you will find both fiction and non-fiction collections having history, science, arts and crafts, religion, geography, etc. There are teaching materials at discounted and half prices.

Monument Books

These book center centers in both Yangon and Mandalay are the biggest bookshops in Myanmar.

The bookshops have a collection of books aside from local Myanmar books or books based on Myanmar history and culture, it has books in other languages like English, French, and Korean.

The store has a large number of classic and contemporary fiction and nonfiction and the owner is always updating his collections to attract more people.

There are books on parenting, health, self-help, travel, history, religion as well as dictionaries. you want good books to read all you have to do is get to the Monument bookstore and just ask the bookkeeper.

Myanmar Book Centre

This Book Centre is both an online bookstore and also a traditional bookstore and it has 3 bookshops in Yangon and one in Mandalay.

At Myanmar book centers/bookshops in Myanmar, you will find classic and contemporary novels, biographies, traveling, and political literature in English, Korean, and other languages.

There are also educational books and collections like general knowledge, engineering, geography, medicine, history, and a number of other books. There is also a collection of Burmese classic books and contemporary literature.

Bookshops in Myanmar you can as well purchase books as they say indeed, knowledge is power, just find the best places to get good books not just in Myanmar.

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