Reliable Functions And Objectives Of Public Finance

Functions and objectives of public finance, note Public finance is a school of thought that focuses on the government in a particular economy and assesses the government revenue and expenditure.

In other words, it is the management of public funds in the economy of a country that plays the most relevant part in the building and growth of a nation both private as well as foreign relations.

This implies to all stakeholders of a country it does not matter if the stakeholder is a citizen or not. The functions and objectives of public finance are important as they play a vital role in acquiring the financial resources needed by an economy to reach its goal in the social well-being/welfare of the general public.

Functions And Objectives Of Public Finance


Countries of the world since the origin of time have always needed finance to function and also run the nation. Revenue of every country is generated through taxation and returns on investment, also the government enlarges through revenue.

Government spending (expenditure) includes investments, transfer payments, government-owned corporations, sovereign wealth funds, sales of assets, and consumptions in the national income account, examples of such expenditures include, salary payments, medical facilities, amusement parks, etc.

This expenditure and revenues are actually made and collected for the public. In order words, finance is known as public finance which the part played by the public is in the contribution sector.

This directly deals with the expenditure and revenue that the public is involved in, at the state or national level. Proper functions and objectives of public finance management which is the gathering of sufficient resources

from the economy in the right manner coupled with issuing and usage of the resources efficiently and constructively constitute quality finance management which is a major key player in the development of an economy in which the growth of an economy is largely based on proper management and utility.

The Major Scope Of Public Finance

Functions and objectives of public finance Are not only based on the study of composition and public revenue and expenditure, public finance shelters a full discussion of the influence of government’s fiscal functions on all levels of activity, such as the growth process of the economic system as a whole.

The Five Effective Component Tools, Functions, And Objectives Of Public Finance  

The word wild functions and objectives of public finance management are aimed at achieving all aspects of economic discipline, allocation of resources to priority needs, and well-organized and effective allocation of public ministrations. Such objectives which include fiscal policy are:

Resource Allocation

Functions and objectives of public finance in terms of resource allocation is a study in economics that deals with the assignment of available resources to public use.

In a province of an economy it can be allocated through various ways such as market and strategic planning. Resource allocation can be distributed with the help of a computer program applied to a specific site to automatically distribute such resources to public use.

Fair Distribution Of Wealth

The equitable distribution of wealth in an economy is also an area of interest to functions and objectives of public finance. Note the distribution of wealth in an economy is a comparison of various groups in a society and it shows an area of inequality in an economy.

General Satisfaction Of Basic Needs

The theory of need states that humans are pressured to fulfill these basic needs first before that of intrinsic satisfaction on a higher rank. Public finance is much more involved in this movement.

Adequate Economic Development

Sustainable development has shifted its attention towards economic development, social and environmental protection. The economic development of India follows the socialist politicians for most of its independent history which is the case focus of public finance.

Large Provision Of Employment

Employment is the workforce relationship between two parties which can be usually based on a contract. In other words, a large provision of employment to the reach of the general public is also a key factor in public finance.

Conscious Price Stability

Price stability is a goal of fiscal and monetary policy focused on supporting sustainable rates of economic performance.

The function and objectives of Public finance are to prevent inflation and stability in the price of goods and services that tend to manipulate the economy of the country.

Maintaining Accurate Minimum Wage/ Balance Salary Payment

The functions and objectives of public finance are Maintaining a favorable balance in salary payment through fiscal and tariff policy in a country that provides adequate balance in such an economy. 

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