Best Top 10 Air Force In Africa

Top 10 air force in Africa, Here is an assessment of the top African air forces with the most modern and potent air force. Every country’s military spending is growing around the globe including the world powers, even in the midst of wars and conflicts.

Almost every military action taken in response to these disturbances and conflicts in the world today sees airpower playing a major role apart from the services of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

The Air Force, the military organization of every country, is primarily responsible for the conduct of aerial warfare.

Usually the prime instrument of a nation’s airpower, air forces often consist of a combination of fighters, bombers, helicopters, transport planes, and other aircraft personnel.

Top 10 Air Force In Africa

Egyptian Air Force

Top 10 air force in Africa Egypt’s air force is estimated to have the same number of warplanes as the Israeli air force and far more artillery, tanks, anti-aircraft batteries, and warships.

Egypt by far has the largest air force in Africa, Egypt has invested heavily in modernizing its armed forces since the coming to power of a new military government in 2013 although qualitatively it still lags behind several of its competitors.

The Egyptian Air Force currently fields an estimated 18 fighter squadrons, although of these only one is equipped with modern beyond visual range air-to-air missiles this being a single unit of recently ordered MiG-29M jets.

Nine squadrons are comprised of F-16 Fighting Falcons from the older A and C variants, but what is perhaps most notable about these is their lack of any kind of modern weaponry.

Due to political restrictions imposed by the United States, the F-16s have no modern standoff weapons for air-to-ground or anti-shipping roles and no modern air-to-air missiles relying instead on the obsolete AIM-7 Sparrow which lacks active radar guidance and has very limited range by modern standards.

Seven further squadrons are comprised of MiG-21 and J-7 fighters, which have had avionics upgraded to an early third-generation standard but are still effectively obsolete today. These fighters are not of the latest MiG-21BiS or J-7G variants but are much older models.

The Egyptian Air Force has 1,200 aircraft in its fleet, they have 266 transport aircraft, and 384 aircraft in its training department also note that 764 of these planes are classified as combat aircraft.

The Egyptian Air Force has an active 30,000 personnel and 20,000 in reserve that’s a sum total of 50,000 air personnel. 

Algerian Air Force

The Algerian Air Force rocks the second position in the top 10 air force in Africa ranking with a total of 502 and notes 182 of these are categorized as attack aircraft, 266 aircraft in their transport department, 68 in the training department, and 257 helicopters serving different units.

Note they also have in their fleet the deadly Kamov KA-27 from Russia, Eurocopter AS355 from Britain, the Agusta Westland AS355, and also have the Mil mi-26, PZL Mi-2, and AW139.

The South Africa Air Force

The South Africa Air Force is one of the oldest on the continent as it was founded in 1920. South Africa had 6 nuclear devices before it was removed in 1991 when it signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

South Africa has a military budget of $4.9 Billion, and 213 warplanes in their arsenal/fleet, and 47 of them are classified as attack craft, the South African Air Force is ranked 3rd strongest in the top 10 air forces in Africa and a force to reckon with in Africa.

Nigeria Air Force

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa, the Nigerian Air Force is currently ranked fourth strongest in the top 10 Air Force in Africa with an aircraft strength of over 300, 31 of these are classified as attack aircraft, helicopters in their fleet 39, also 53 in transport department and 40 for training.

The Nigeria Air Force has 25,000 active personnel, note that Nigeria has positioned itself as a peacekeeper in Africa.

Kenyan Air Force

The next on the trail of the strongest top 10 Air Force in Africa is Kenya. They are currently ranked fifth in Africa. Just like Nigeria, their personnel is deployed to peacekeeping missions around the world.

Angolan Air Force

Angola is located in the South African region and ranked 6th largest in the top 10 air force in Africa. According to the population census, however, they’re currently the ninth strongest Air Force in Africa in 2021.

The Angolan Defense budget is well over $4 billion. Their inventory boasts over 280 aircraft, 80 fighter jets, and about 15 attack helicopters.

Tunisian Air Force

The Tunisian Air Force, in the top 10 air force in Africa has about 154 aircraft and up to 4 UAVs are not to be overlooked when it comes to Defense.

The Tunisian Air Force helps internally and externally, they are ranked the seventh strongest Air Force in Africa in 2021.

Morocco Air Force

Of the top 10 air forces in Africa, the Moroccan air force ranked 8th position and has 323 aircraft 96 are classified as attack aircraft, 158 in the transport section, and 80 for training.

Libyan Air Force

Libya is in the top 10 air force in Africa. Surprise!? Well, despite the crisis they experienced, they still managed to come out strong.

Despite the 2011 revolution crisis, they still came out 9th strongest Air Force on the continent. They have over 121 helicopters, 600 aircraft, and a Defense budget of over $800 Million.

Ethiopian Air Force

The Ethiopian Air Force makes the list of the top 10 air forces in Africa (2021). However, Equipment serviceability is questionable and troop loyalty is usually in doubt.

However, the 1998 war with Eritrea provided enough combat experience to learn from in many years.

They have about 80 aircraft fighter/attack, 48 units: Su-25 FrogFoot, MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-27, 33 helicopter units: Mil Mi-24 Hind, Mil Mi-8, Mil-Mi also 6 Transport aircraft, 34 units Training aircraft, 14 units 3,000 personnel and defense Budget of $340,000,000 (0.8% GDP).

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